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This theme contains data about the population size of the Emirate according to the population censuses conducted during the period 1975–2005 along with population estimates for the period after 2005. Moreover, it includes data on the age and household type structure of the population besides the demographic, educational, marital and employment characteristics during the censuses conducted in (1993, 2000 and 2005) and its associated estimates. Additionally, it also contains the main characteristics of the emirate's households during the mentioned census years.

 At the same time, births and deaths data are two of the main three essential factors, besides immigration, that directly affect population growth rate and demographic changes in the society. Therefore, a special section was devoted under this theme to cover vital statistics which includes births and deaths statistics according to the different characteristics such as gender, age, nationality, marriage contracts and registered divorce cases.

The study of population developments is significantly important because it is the basis upon which development plans, in several fields such as education, health, labor market, and others, are built. Understanding population structure of any society in terms of gender, age, occupation, education and marital status...etc, provides planners, policy and decision makers with needed data and information for formulating appropriate and adequate plans for all society segments.

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