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Risk Management System and Business Continuity Management System (RMS & BCMS) Policy:

DSC's Leadership team approved Subsequent policies which are related to Risk Management System and Business Continuity Management System under unified management system (RMS & BCMS) in collaboration with DSC's mandates to include explicit delivery of the following commitments to:                             

  • Fulfill the requirements of Risk Management System (ISO 31000:2018) and Business Continuity Management System (ISO 22301:2012), and endorse the system's continual improvement process.
  • RMS & BCMS processes' review and continual improvement, in order to increase its effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Assure, and control the quality of RMS & BCMS processes.
  • Endorsing the risk appetite culture, forecasting potential risks and endorse the risk treatment plans in order to predict them and work on eliminating risks from happening or mitigating risks impacts on DSC's business through assigning responsibilities and avoid any potential conflicts. 
  • Developing strategies and plans for assuring business continuity, risk management, emergency and crisis management, in order to ensure the quick and effective response of the critical activities and services recovery with safety considerations to all DSC's customers, employees and interested parties.
  • Activating communication channels with DSC's interested parties during and after emergency cases and determine the expected duration to recover/restore services back to their normal mode.
  • Continually improve the system (RMS & BCMS), and testing/evaluating the effectiveness and efficiency of the system on a regular basis and link it with DSC's objectives and policies.   
  • Adherence to the regulations and the legal requirements of the risk management system and the business continuity management system, which are/can be issued by the relevant government authorities.        
  • Professionally implementing risk management and business continuity management system with efficacy, in order to ensure the business and services continuity and achieve the optimum level of customer satisfaction, and allocate the necessary resources to empower the system.      
  • Assure all DSC's business functions and employees' compliance with risk management and business continuity management system to achieve comprehensive coverage of DSC's business activities.

Additionally, the leadership team undertakes to publish the risk management and business continuity management system policy through the available means to all interested parties such as employees (part time/full time), and to review it periodically.