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About DSC:

The Center specializes in the construction of a modern and comprehensive statistical system and shall be the only official source for the collection, analysis and publication of Statistical information and data in the Emirate adopting harmonized methodological international standards in the collection, analysis, and dissemination of statistical data according to the following:

1- The collection, updating, maintenance, and protection of statistical data and information on the Emirate from all sources of data.

2- The conduct of the population census, and economic and social statistical surveys either by total size or through sampling on a periodic basis and in cooperation with the Federal Ministry of Planning.

3- The design and execution of studies and surveys based on the requirements of local and other departments and agencies, and based on what has been agreed upon with these agencies and departments.

4- The provision of advice and statistical consultations to local government departments and institutions.

5- The provision of data and statistical information to government institutions and departments, to the business community, and to individuals within its mandate.

6- Work to standardize statistical concepts and definitions which are applied in the Emirate in conformity with international standards and classifications, and with coordination with Federal entities in the country.

7- Preparation and publication of statistical booklets and material at the Emirate level.

8- Preparation of population, economic, and social statistical indicators based on best practices as reference indicators at the level of the Emirate.