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​Sustainable Procurement Policy

DSC's Leadership team approved the following policy, which is related to Sustainable Procurement Management System, in collaboration with DSC's mandates to include explicit delivery of the following commitments to:                             

  • Fulfill the requirements of Sustainable Procurement Management System (ISO 20400:2017), and endorse the system's continual improvement process.
  • Purchasing DSC's business needs along with the required quality, specifications and on a timely manner with competitive prices, to ensure the efficiency of the procurement process and in alignment with public sector Law No. (12) of 2020 Concerning Contracts and Warehouse Management in the Emirate of Dubai.   
  • Endorsing the procurement governance, integrity, equality and transparency in all procurement and contractual process.  
  • Promoting the fairness and equality in all procurement aspects such as giving an equal contractual opportunity, fair proposals evaluation and fair suppliers' performance evaluation.
  • Giving a privilege/priority to the funded members of Mohammed Bin Rashid Establishment for Small and Medium Enterprises.
  • Conducting a fair and transparent investigation on all suppliers' complaints and feedbacks in a professional manner.
  •  Ensuring the business continuity and the supply chain flow of DSC's critical business activities through singing solid strategic partnership agreements with the key suppliers.    
  • Increasing the expenditures' efficiency in all aspects of the procurement process and avoid the public funds inefficiency.   
  • Maintaining sustainability in multiple dimensions such as environment, society, economy, health and safety for all DSC's employees', customers', and suppliers' aspects during the procurement and contractual process. Also, to express DSC's commitment towards implementing the international standards and best practices in the field of protecting environment and reducing CO2 emissions and footprint impacts; Furthermore, DSC will show serious commitment towards public funds' efficient management, in order to achieve sustainable economic growth rates, and implement fair procurement process which reserves the community rights.
  • Demonstrate the commitment towards controlling the quality of the procurement process, and to accelerate the continuous improvement process, which is based on the international best practices, ISO 20400:2017.  

Additionally, the leadership team undertakes to publish the sustainable procurement management system policy through the available means to all interested parties such as employees, suppliers and the local community, and to review it periodically.

Arif Obaid Al Muhairi

Executive Director