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​Dubai Statistics Center Sustainability Policy

The Dubai Statistics Center (DSC) commits to adhering to the sustainability criteria towards its employees, customers, and the society and future generations. The center continues to targeting sustainability objectives for all its organizational units and supervising their realization along with ensuring and developing statistical sustainability for seamless data flow to enable decision makers. 

DSC's leadership approves the sustainability policy in line with the center's vision and mission and commits to the following: 

  • DSC believes in the importance of social sustainable development and thus treats all its employees with utmost fairness and respect, provides a safe and healthy work environment, and ensures equal opportunities for continuous development and skills improvement. 
  • DSC preserves environmental sustainability through minimizing the consumption of environmental resources and managing the residues produced from its processes. 
  • DSC's internal processes abide by the local and international laws and regulations on environmental, social and economic aspects. 
  • DSC ensures to building partnerships with entities having high sustainability standards.
  • DSC periodically spreads awareness to all its employees on social, environmental and economic subjects.
  • DSC believes that providing high quality data in a timely manner contributes to enabling parties involved in achieving sustainable development.
  • DSC continuously develops statistical capabilities to ensure seamless data flow to decision makers.
  • DSC ensures to periodically publishing sustainability reports and transparently conveys all related information.
  • DSC commits to sharing its expertise and knowledge on sustainability for the continuity of those practices.
  • DSC ensures to publishing the sustainability policy internally and externally along with periodically reviewing it. 

The Executive Director

Sustainability Reports: