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Innovation and Creativity Policy

DSC's Leadership team approved the Innovation and Creativity policy in collaboration with Government's vision in regards to creativity and innovation as the main driver for continuous development to achieve DSC's vision which supports in accomplishing Dubai's Vision 2021 to include an explicit delivery of the following commitments to:   

  • Avail and cultivate business environment that boosts innovation and creativity within DSC
  • Allocate the necessary resources and enablers to endorse innovation and creativity
  • Encourage and upskill the talented employees within DSC 
  • Encourage the openness towards accepting and implementing the new innovative ideas
  • Optimize the implementation of the innovation and creativity processes against the best practices locally and globally
  • Develop a network of effective partnerships with universities, research centers and the concerned parties in both public and private sectors
  • Protect the intellectual property of the implemented innovative ideas.  

Additionally, the leadership team undertakes to publish the Innovation and Creativity policy through the available means to all interested parties such as employees (part time/full time) and customers, suppliers and the society which to be reviewed periodically.