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Inflation Rate

1.50 %
Inflation Rate

Indices are one of the most economic indicators widely used in planning and economic studies, which can compare many of economics phenomena and used to identify the economic changes in countries. As well as reflect changes in the community productive and consumer sectors structure. In addition it forms a gauge in planning and identifying inflation and economic regression.



1.94 %

The GDP has been estimated in fixed and current prices for the Emirate of Dubai through the results of economic and financial field surveys which included all economic and financial activities in addition to the actual data extracted from federal ministries and local departments in the emirate.


Population Clock

Population Clock

Dubai Statistics Center (DSC) carries out daily and monthly estimates of the number of population permanently residing in Dubai within the geographic borders of the emirate, whether they are Emiratis or Non-Emiratis.


Foreign Trade

Foreign Trade

The foreign trade enjoyed by the Emirate of Dubai is a wide network that expands to many countries of the world. Foreign trade reflects the commercial relations between the Emirate of Dubai and the rest of the world’s countries.

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 Dubai In Figures 2019

Total Population (000): 3,240
Male Population (000): 2,252
Female Population (000): 988
Marriage & Divorce
Divorce Certificates: 330
Divorce Certificates: 1,234
Number of Completed Buildings
Number of Completed Buildings: 1,887
Private Villas: 519
Investment Villas: 1,100
Industrial Buildings: 42
Buildings Public Facilities : 88
Multi -Storey Buildings: 85
Buildings Floor Area Ratios: 53
Value Of Completed Building (Million AED)
Value of Completed Buildings (Million AED): 7,248
Private villas: 949
Investment Villas: 817
Industrial Buildings: 174
Buildings Public Facilities : 590
Multi -Storey Buildings: 2,818
Buildings Floor Area Ratios: 1,900
Air Transport
Air Flights at Dubai International Airport : 99,145
Air Flights at Al Maktoum International Airport : 12,176
Passengers' Movement at Dubai International Airport : 22,230,810
Arrivals*: 11,020,981
Departures*: 11,181,025
Transit: 28,804
Passengers' Movement at Al Maktoum International Airport: 326,680
Arrivals*: 162,550
Departures*: 163,720
Transit: 410
Total Passengers' Movement at Dubai Airports: 22,557,490
Arrivals*: 11,183,531
Departures*: 11,344,745
Transi: 29,214
Marine Transport
Number of Abra Passengers: 3,630,827
Number of Water Taxi Passengers: -
Number of Water Bus Passengers: 90,999
Number of Ferry Passengers: 44,379
Public Transportation
Number of Operating Buses: 1,124
Bus Routes: 150
Number of Bus Passengers' Trips: 38,316,635
Dubai Metro
Number of Metro Passengers - Red Line: 34,439,989
Number of Metro Passengers - Green Line: 18,260,378
Dubai Tram
Number of Tram Passengers': 1,638,666
Hotels and Hotel Apartments Bldgs.
Number of Hotels: 521
Number of Hotel Apartments Bldgs: 196
Hotel Rooms and Hotel Apartments
Number of Hotel Rooms: 93,304
Number of Hotel Apartments: 24,735
Dubai Visitors
Number of Dubai Visitors (Numbers in 000): 4,750
Dubai Financial Market
Trading Volume (000 Share): 8,204,526
Trading Value (000 AED): 11,973,542
Number of Executed Deals: 151,458
Market Capitalization (000 AED): 350,291,831
Trading Volume (000 share): 36,545
Trading Value (000 AED): 1,364,863
Number of Executed Deals: 9,608
Market Capitalization (000 AED): 54,439,777
Dubai chamber
Certificates of Origin issued: 198,572
Number of Schools
Total Number of Schools: 280
Governmental: 71
Private : 209
Quantity of Collected Waste (000 Metric Tons): 4,602
Total Cultivated Green Areas (m2) (Numbers in 000): 37,952
Direct Foreign Trade (Value in Million AED) *
Imports: 114,387
Exports: 32,044
Re-Exports: 42,928
Free Zone Trade (Value in Million AED) *
Imports: 73,962
Exports: 9,866
Re-Exports: 63,398
Custom Warehouse Trade (Value in Million AED) *
Imports: 1,872
Exports: 413
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