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The Digital Statistics is an integrated statistical solution includes a set of sub-systems such as the “Leadership Indicators” system, which is designed for the senior officials and decision-makers in order to follow up the most up-to-date various indicators and variables in Emirate Of Dubai, through a state-of-the-art interactive smart graphical interface updated on frequent basis by a Centralized Statistical Repository via direct integration with remote data sources and via “Statistical Sources” system which links various main and sub-main statistical sources. In addition, the Solution includes the “Interactive Statistics” system, which is designed for planners and specialized experts. Such system provides them with smart interactive mechanism to deal directly with a huge Centralized Statistical Repository and provide them with the ability to build complex statistical reports according to their requirements in simple steps even for novice users. Moreover, the “Polls” system covers opinion polls and questionnaires which guarantees high levels of accuracy and quality of opinion polls findings, and provides online follow-up for responses directly. Furthermore, the “Geostat”, it encompasses geographical activities for statistical purposes based on the concept of merging geographical information systems with statistical systems, where statistical data in demographic, social and economic sectors can be displayed on Dubai Map.
esources Indicators Interactive Statistics
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