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ICT – Households Survey
  • Summary

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  • Methodology

ICT – Households Survey 2019Project Name
Telecommunications Regulatory Authority - TRAOrganization Name
Population & Social Statistics Department/ Social Statistics SectionDepartment \ Section
As requested by the beneficiary bodyFrequency

Households and it includes private and collective households within the geographical borders of the emirate of Dubai.

Individuals: and it includes the individuals that their age is 15+

Sample Unit

The survey was conducted in accordance with the Generic Statistical Business Process Model (GSBPM) and we took into account all dimensions of statistical quality according to the Charter of Quality of Statistical Data for the Emirate of Dubai, which adopted at DSC, in particular those relating to accuracy, objectivity, and comparability since the classifications and methodologies used make the results of this survey comparable at all national, regional, and international levels for being built on the same standard classifications, methodologies, and concepts.

Furthermore, the sample design made sure to represent all of the segments of society to the fullest to ensure coverage and inclusiveness, taking into account reducing of the burden on the respondent and increasing accuracy.

Summary of Statistical Quality

Decree no. (28) of 2015 concerning the Dubai Statistics Center

Data Confidentiality
By survey conducted through direct interview and using the latest smart technology.Data Source
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Title Description Publishing Year File Type File Size