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Interactive Statistics is considered one of the main components of the Smart Statistics suite aiming at promoting statistical work in Dubai. “Interactive Statistics” is a global leading e-system in the field of statistics which in first place aims at supporting research, planning and decision-making. It enables users to directly interact with statistical databases in various areas such as economic, demographic and social as well the surveys conducted and executed internally by Dubai Statistics Centre. The added value is recognized clearly particularly in the smart technical tools provided by the system, which enable users to create statistical reports according to their requirements. Also, the system provides mechanism for viewing the most up-to-date statistical data and information issued by different Government Departments and Authorities in Emirate of Dubai, which covers the activities and business nature of such departments and Authorities. In addition, the System covers transactional Statistical Reports for some Government departments, authorities and institutions via e-linkage through the “e-Sources” system which targets data collections from such entities.


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