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Seven international accreditations for Dubai Statistics Center (DSC) systems

​Image: Arif Al Muhairi CEO

​Image: Arif Al Muhairi CEO

Seven international accreditations for Dubai Statistics Center (DSC) systems

Al Muhairi: Building Systems internally by the work team without any external consultancy support.

The Dubai Statistics Centre has obtained four new global accreditations for its management systems and renewed two previous accreditations in partnership with Lloyd's Register, where DSC recently obtained the accreditation of the Innovation Management System CEN/TS 16555-1, accreditation of the system of Management Control and Measurement of Customer Satisfaction 10004ISO, accreditation of Customer Complaints Management System 10002:2014ISO and accreditation of Health and Safety Management System OHSAS 18001:2007. DSC also completed the update and renewal of the ISO 9001 Quality Management system and the ISO 14001 Environment Management system, where the system has been updated according to updated and approved global standard specifications of 2015, thus DSC completed its plan for global accreditations with seven accreditations, as it also has international accreditation for Information Security System ISO 27001.

Arif Al Muhairi, Executive Director of the Dubai Statistics Center, said that DSC aims to apply global standards and methodologies in various administrative and technical aspects, paying particular attention to the aspects that the Government attaches great importance to, in the pursuit of institutional excellence. Al Muhairi added that those accreditations are not an end in themselves, but we consider them a means of ensuring that the work is done in accordance with international standards in various institutional areas, where the global accreditations obtained by DSC reflect its keenness to cover various aspects that would support DSC to achieve greater institutional excellence and continuous development.

Al Muhairi praised DSC work team, which had succeeded in realizing this achievement in a record period of six months and with self-efforts without consulting any advisory services.

Ramla Al-Wahidi, Strategy and Corporate Excellence Office Manager of DSC, said that DSC's application of the Innovation Management specification-116555CEN/TS comes as part of DSC's pursuit to apply the strategy of creativity and innovation aimed at an integrated and supportive work environment for creativity and innovation, explaining that the strategic plan for DSC attaches great importance to the customers' happiness, hence the application of the customer satisfaction measurement and control system, ISO 10004, which will ensure efficient and effective service delivery and achievement of the lowest possible fault ratios. To achieve the same goal, DSC has applied the global standard for the management of customer complaints 10002ISO with a view to ensuring that the feedback and complaints of clients are managed in a skillful, fair and transparent manner and to take advantage of the opportunities for improvement in the provision of services.

Al-Wahidi added that no one can deny the interest DSC takes in its staff's happiness and its constant quest to provide a happy and positive working environment, especially as health and safety professionalism is of paramount importance in achieving corporate happiness and enhances institutional and individual productivity, so DSC has implemented the Health and safety Management System. OHSAS 18001:2007.

Al-Wahidi explained that DSC has also updated its quality management and environmental management systems to match the specifications updated by international Organization for Standardization-ISO, where DSC is keen to manage its operations with the highest quality standards while minimizing the environmental damage caused by its operations. Those international systems pave the way to a great deal towards the achievement of many of the requirements of the fourth generation system of government excellence, which is a strategic direction to achieve government excellence.