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“Dubai Statistics Center” enhances happiness of its employees with motivational cards

​Image: happiness cards

​Image: happiness cards

Words of praise and appreciation boost positivity and as spirit of giving at work


 "Well Done", "You're Great", "We always learn from you", "We wish there were two of you", and "Our heartfelt thanks" are examples of motivational phrases that make their recipient happy, and urges them to keep up the good work and do better in the future.

Modern Management Science indicates that motivation of employees' morale results in them being happier and more productive, just as financial motivation. Hence, DSC decided to spread such positive phrases in a written form among its employees, instead of just saying them verbally, hence having a greater motivational impact on the recipients.


DSC also decided to break the routine of sending Thank You letters that require special performance and procedures, and wanted its staff to thank each other, whether senior executives to employees or vice versa, or employees amongst themselves, in order to spread happiness and positivity that has been a characteristic of DSC for over 5 years, and was the reason DSC won the Dubai Government Excellence Programme Award as the happiest work team.

Tarek Al Janahi, Deputy CEO of DSC, indicated that the Centre created 10 cards in the size of credit or national ID cards, with different colors. They carry several motivational phrases in both classical Arabic or the local Arabic dialect. The back of the card can also carry the name of the sender and the recipient as well the work he/she had done to deserve the card.


Al Janahi stressed that boosting morale works like magic on employees and enhances their performance and appreciation for one another. He indicated that a box of 50 miscellaneous cards was distributed to be used among employees as they see fit.

"A week ago, I was at a DGEP conference, and nearly 500 of these boxes were distributed; that is 25,000 cards. This was well received and highly commended by the audience. It also began to spread on social media, where we saw many positive comments on the idea, as well as requests by many organizations and individuals wanting to use it to boost morale, especially that they are trendy and funny. Some DCS employees have already started using the cards outside the Center with their children and families, which doubles our happiness, as we are able to spread positivity in and outside DSC using a very simple but effective idea", said Al Janahi.