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Dubai s inflation down 0.43 in October 2015

Image shows one of the shopping stores in Dubai
Image shows one of the shopping stores in Dubai   

Dubai 15th November 2015 (WAM) -- Dubai's inflation rate for Consumer Price Index (CPI) dropped by 0.43 percent in October 2015 compared to September according to a report issued by Dubai Statistics Centre (DSC) today.

The monthly report said the decline was driven by a decrease in prices of major consumer groups of transport furnishings household equipment and routine household maintenance and food and beverages at 4.17 percent 0.99 percent and 0.72 percent respectively.

The report noted the increase in the groups of housing water electricity gas and fuel at 0.27 percent recreation and culture 0.22 percent miscellaneous goods and services 0.13 percent and restaurants and hotels 0.05 percent.

''Inflation of CPI in case of tobacco clothing and footwear health communications and education remained stable at 0.24 percent 5.52 percent 1.08 percent 6.00 percent and 4.09 percent respectively'' the report added.