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«National Affairs delegation» visits Dubai Statistics Center

​Image: HR manager & National Affairs delegation

​Image: HR manager & National Affairs delegation

A delegation from the Ministry of State for Federal National Council Affairs paid DSC a visit, due to the Ministry's keenness on getting acquainted with best practices and sharing experiences with institutions in the field of human resources, to improve the functionality of the staff at the Ministry.

The visit came as a result of DSC winning - for the fifth time in a row - the Award for best result in corporate happiness, which is one of Dubai Government Excellence Program Awards.

The delegation led by Abdullah Al-Abdouli, Director of human resources, was introducd to the methodologies and practices applied by DSC in the field of human resources, with the aim of creating a healthy work environment built on innovation and the highest standards of quality, and using the best of modern technologies, thereby increasing employee productivity and happiness, providing smart and innovative services with the highest levels of precision, reliability and transparency.

The delegation of the Ministry got also to know, during the visit, the most important initiatives launched by the Department of human resources to support innovation and motivate staff to adopt a certain corporate culture and work style everyday at DSC, which is reflected in the quality of services provided by DSC for its customers, besides reviewing training methods, broadening the knowledge of staff, and refining their expertise.

During the field visit,  ways to strengthen cooperation between DSC and the Ministry in the area of enhancing human resources management work serving the Ministry's work and the activities and tasks it carries out were discussed, thus enhancing institutional integration between government institutions, pushing the wheel of evolution, achieving sustainable development and enhancing the prestige of the State and its leadership at all levels.