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The Role Model Leader

​ Image: Tariq Yousef Al Janahi, Deputy Executive Director of DSC

Image: Tariq Yousef Al Janahi, Deputy Executive Director of DSC

It is one of the lessons presented by Mohammed bin Rashid that it should be written with golden letters. Here we stand still listening to one of the most important lessons in positivity and self and others appreciation. Indeed, how public jobs were wronged because of the inherited stereotype image that never reflects the fact or even the reality. Yes, the public post is the creation of future and the generation of happiness. The government job is the source of creativity and innovation. It is the leadership, self-development and a wonderful work environment. It is the security, organization, legislation, control and facilitation of people's lives. It is the driver for development and the design of the life for the future generations. It is the career path that leads the competent and dedicated hard worker up high, very high!


Yes Sir! We are fortunate enough to be working in the government, but as employees, in both the UAE Government and the Dubai Government, we are the most fortunate, Sir, simple because we are working under the leadership of the Leader of Happiness and Positivity; the leader of the highest spirit, dedication and sincerity and the leader of humanity and conquering the impossible. We work, inspired by and gaining more wisdom, experience and knowledge from our role model leader.


The government job is not routine and poor discipline; it is not files, papers and complex procedures. When you work under the leadership of Mohammed bin Rashid, you will definitely be at in a leading position and at the top of the summit. The government of Mohammed bin Rashid draws its visions and then become a global vision to be pursued. For example, but not limited to, when Mohammed bin Rashid made the announcement on the e-government, it turned to be a global trend later on. When the world started to talk about e-government, Mohammed bin Rashid already accomplished the mission long time ago and he started a new era of the smart government and then the artificial intelligence, and so. The goal was, as his highness stated, is creating life, designing the future and building the homeland.


On the personal level, how influential these words are, and how much they arouse enthusiasm and desire deeply to give more. They are few words by so weighty as they carry tons of positive incentives for everyone who serves his country and society through his government job where he/she seeks to contribute to the realization of the vision of the wise leadership. This testament must be comprehended by every government official in the whole world to know his real identity. The world leaders must also learn from the leader of positivity how to be sincere and dedicated to build their homelands and show appreciation for those who work in their governments, and that designing the future and creating happiness for their nations which is the ultimate goal that they should re-energizing their spirits and be the role model in dedication to achieve them.


The words of Mohammed bin Rashid are always a reservoir of wisdom, experience and foresight. They are full of positivity, stimulation and encouraging and that negativity has no place between their letters. All this comes in the context of a unique expression through which the word emanates from heart to heart; they are understood and comprehended immediately. They include direct and clear-crystal messages. This man who dedicated his life to the service of humanity and to share all his experiences and knowledge. He has nothing to hide and wants the good for all. His passion is giving, challenging the impossible and conquering them, and make all happy and creating a better future. He works and achieve the targets silently and then his achievements talk about him and then his turn comes to talk. However, when he talks, he does it briefly with transparency and clarity, exactly like how the master talks. He teaches us in short and in flawless words the secrets of success and consolidates in ourselves certain values, positive concepts and eliminate negative aspects. God bless you, Sir.