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Survey for parent to enhance quality of education in Dubai

Image : Aref Al Muhairi, DSC CEO
Image : Aref Al Muhairi, DSC CEO

Carried out by Dubai Statistics Center in line with objectives of 2021 Plan

Survey for parent to enhance quality of education in Dubai

In collaboration with Dubai Statistics Center, the General Secretariat of The Executive Council of Dubai issued a survey to measure parents' satisfaction with quality of 'government and private' school education in the emirate, by assessing education outputs and availability of the right schooling environment compared to costs of a student's education.

The survey is one of the initiatives aiming to enhance the quality of education in the emirate in line with 2021 Plan objectives of making Dubai "home of enabled and innovative individuals, filled with pride and happiness", as stated in Pillar 1 of the Plan, which is directed at enhancing individuals and improving their potential. This is also in line with seeking to create educated and enlighten individuals who are responsible to themselves and their families, thus always being at the forefront of educational and cultural progress.


 "Dubai 2021 Plan and its requirements of statistical information and surveys are among our top strategic priorities. At DSC, we are fully aware of the volume and diversity of such requirements, based on the 2021 Plan that is rich with ambitious quality programs, initiatives and targets. Our advanced approach developed by TEC General Secretariat feeds the Plan's analysis and planning processes with comprehensive data inputs, at planning, initiatives and policies development, or implementation phases.", said Aref Obeid Al Muhairi, DSC CEO.

Al Muhairi invited all members of the community to take on their duties towards development planning processes including statistical studies and surveys conducted by DSC, and to provide their data and inputs accurately and fully. He also stressed that such studies and surveys aim to support planning and decision-making by the prudent leadership towards realizing happiness for the community and the coming generations.


 "Education is the foundation on which countries rely to face challenges, and is always a key interest to the prudent leadership in the UAE and Dubai.", said Aisha Abdullah Miran, Deputy Secretary General of Strategy & Governance at TEC General Secretariat.  

"Dubai has come a long way in developing education outputs, and still seeks on one hand to be among leading global cities that provide the best educational services, and on the other to achieve best results globally, represented by international assessment results. We realize the size of the challenges we face, hence, measuring education outputs in a structured way, including measuring parents' satisfaction was the heart of Dubai 2021 Plan management system", she added.



She also pointed out that the survey is a result of fruitful collaboration between the two entities for the second year in a row, and that it targets parents of students at public and private schools in Dubai, in recognition of their role as partners in the education process. The survey also enhances communication between TEC General Secretariat and parents, and aims to exchange views in a transparent and credible manner, while capturing feedback and leveraging analysis results to develop plans and programs that support a higher quality school education.

The Survey

The survey addresses several important issues related to education, including the satisfaction of parents with the quality of education their child is receiving in all stages, as well their satisfaction with the value for money spent on kids' education in case of private schools.

It also includes questions the parent's approval of school management and teachers' cooperation, in addition to a section on a parent's concern or fear for their child's safety at school, and another on the school's health facilities.


The survey asks questions about children from KG to Grade 2, and the level of parents' satisfaction with their child's school in terms of developing social skills. It also includes questions on how often a parent reads stories for their child whether before or at KG stage.