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Dubai Statistics Center DSC WINS 20 Stevie Awards

​Image: DSC team during the Stevie Awards

​Image: DSC team during the Stevie Awards

The Dubai Statistics Centre achieved a global accomplishment and a new record for Dubai Government by winning twenty Stevie Awards and winning the Grand Award for the first time at the level of UAE governmental institutions.

About 4000 institutions, individuals and distinctive and innovative business, representing more than 60 countries from around the world, competed in the "International Business" and "Best Workplace" categories of the Stevie Awards, based in the United States, which announced the excellence of DSC and its winning of two of its major prizes.

The first is the Grand Stevie Award for International Business Award, which is granted to a very limited number of participating institutions that are the most successful, top-rated worldwide that won the biggest number of awards.

The second is the highest rated award related to work environment and career happiness, "Stevie Awards for Great Employers", which is one of the most prominent awards in the field of human resources management and career happiness.

Business Award

«Stevie Awards» declared that DSC won 14 international business awards, including «Grand Stevie Award» at the ceremony held in Rome to honor the winners of the thirteenth session in the presence of an elite group of leaders, presidents and directors of distinct institutions from different countries. International Business award is one of the most prestigious international awards for the business sector. It is called the «Business Sector Oscar», where DSC won the Grand Stevie Award on the international level among ten institutions that got the best rating, surpassing old governmental institutions and giant private institutions worldwide. Moreover, Arif Al Muhairi, Executive Director of DSC won Golden Award for Best Director.

DSC also won one of the most important awards, the Gold Award for best government institution worldwide in the middle category, and also DSC leadership team won the Gold Award as best leadership team, surpassing many boards of directors and leadership teams of large governmental and private institutions worldwide.

Gold Award

DSC also won a special achievement gold award for best innovative institutions in the Middle East and Africa. Also, resource management and corporate communications won the Gold Award as best management assistance, in a joint Award with the General Secretariat of the Executive Council of the Emirate of Dubai. The technical working team won for «Decision» system the Gold Award in the category of best information technology team.

Also, the statistical data repository-smart statistics system-won the Gold Award for best technical and integrated solutions, and Ahmed Ali Al-Dashti, Director of the IT Department and the Central Statistical Systems won the Silver Award in the category of best information technology manager and central statistical systems, while Afaf Ahmed Boasibeh, Director of Economic Statistics,  won Silver Award for the category of "Woman of the Year».

Moreover, Ramla Al-Wahedi, Strategy and Corporate Excellence Office Manager, won Silver Award in the Exceptional Leader class, while the polls team of Surveys and Statistical Frameworks Department won the Silver Award in the category of best supporting team.

Silver Award

DSC website won Silver Award for best governmental website.

DSC won the prize of the Government agency with the highest votes by members of the community and governmental institutions, where the nominated businesses were judged by 14 judges from different countries for each nomination, then the results are forwarded to the jury, who are experienced people, and they in turn review and approve the final results according to the Awards' Protocol.

Happiness and Job Harmony  

In the area of career happiness and work environment management, DSC won six gold awards among which is the «Grand Stevie Prize» for the highest rating won by DSC as part of "Stevie Awards for Great Employers", which is one of the most prominent awards in the field of human resources management and career happiness.

«Stevie Awards» announced DSC's winning of its Grand Prize awarded to the most outstanding institution in work environment management and achieving career happiness amongst the nominated institutions at the international level.

Stevie Awards also announced that DSC won five awards in the first «Gold» level, for which 250 leading institutions in human resource management and employee happiness competed, representing more than 30 countries around the world, during the ceremony organized by the Award in New York City, USA, attended by the elite of presidents and directors of distinguished institutions worldwide in the field of human resources management and career happiness.

Arif Obeid Al- Muhairi, Executive Director of DSC, won Gold Award for best Executive in the field of human resources leadership 2016, surpassing a number of renowned executives of leading global institutions in the public and private sectors, while the third award was also of great importance.

While there was significant competition among the leading institutions in the field of human resources management and career happiness, which is «Best Government Agency for Work» worldwide for 2016, in which DSC has won first place, which is the Gold Award.

Harmony and Loyalty

DSC also won the Gold Award for best workplace worldwide in «Harmony and Loyalty» for 2016, as a result of the policies, methodologies and outstanding results achieved by DSC in this area. The fifth gold prizes won by DSC was for «Best HR Team» category for 2016, and won first place Gold Award in the category of «Best Entity in Career Happiness» for 2016.

The award is the culmination of five years of progressive winning of first place for achieving best result in career happiness in Dubai Government Excellence program, where DSC achieved a record score of 97.1% in career happiness according to the career happiness study conducted by Dubai Government Excellence program.

Arif Obeid Al Muhairi, DSC Executive Director, presented this achievement to his Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President and Prime Minister and ruler of Dubai, may God protect him, where Al Muhairi said in a brief speech from the podium: «This is Dubai, we are moving towards the realization of Mohammed bin Rashid's vision».

Concerning this victory Al Muhairi added, «These world-class achievements would not have been possible had it not been for the grace of God and the vision of our prudent leadership that gave us all the means to excellence and success, and our keenness to walk the path our leadership drew for us is the reason behind the success of DSC - this new entity - over large government institutions and private sector organizations worldwide.

He offered congratulations to the staff at DSC, saying: «DSC staff, that I'm proud to work with, enjoy the highest levels of positivity and team spirit.

Therefore DSC succeeded in achieving this level of happiness and functional harmony and thus excellence and exceptional achievement, and I am confident that such positiveness and job loyalty are able to achieve any goal no matter how ambitious." He extended his thanks to DSC staff and partners from all areas and to all who contributed to this achievement, which add to the record of Emirates of excellence and accomplishments.

He considered that DSC application of the excellence criteria of Dubai Government Excellence program since its first day, its ascent to the highest awards for this leading program laid solid foundations for corporate excellence in DSC, which undoubtedly reflects the vision of our prudent leadership, which led to facilitate DSC's ascent towards global platforms.


Al Muhairi congratulated the Executive Board Secretariat team for the winning of the technical team of «Decision» system, the joint group between the Executive Council Secretariat and DSC, of the Award for best information technology team. "Decision" is an initiative of the Executive Council General Secretariat, which is a system for managing Dubai Strategic Plan and follow up of its implementation in all sectors and institutions concerned

DSC has contributed technical support for the system. Al Muhairi considers the team a model of partnership, distinguished work teams and teamwork.

Happiness and positiveness

When receiving the awards, Tariq Al-Janahi, Vice Executive Director of DSC said, "We came from a State which has a vision of happiness and a minister of happiness.

In every ministry and government institution there is a CEO of happiness and positivity, as happiness in the UAE is a strategic indicator measured daily and monitored even by the highest levels of leadership in the State, we dedicate these achievements to our prudent leadership that made those achievements and created successful personnel who manage successful enterprises."