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MBRF Announces DSC joining “My Family Reads” Initiative

Image:  DSC joining “My Family Reads” Initiative

Image:  DSC joining “My Family Reads” Initiative

Dubai-xx August 2015: Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Foundation (MBRF), a pioneering foundation in the field of developing positive energy and building capacity of the youth to develop knowledge-based societies, announced that Dubai Statistics Center(DSC) has joined the "My Family Reads" initiative, which aims at creating a knowledge-based society promoting the culture of reading for all members of society by providing them with knowledge packages containing a selection of books on various topics in various spheres of life.

     A delegation from MBRF Foundation, headed by Rashid Al Nuaimi, Managing Director of Support Services, and consisting of Hussein Mohamed, Head of Communication, handed over a number of knowledge packages to HE Tariq Al Janahi, Deputy Executive Director of the DSC, in the presence of directors of various departments of DSC. The DSC will distribute the knowledge packages to its employees which will benefit them and their family members.

     In this respect, HE Bin Huwaireb said that MBRF, through its projects and initiatives, is always keen to strengthen the process of dissemination and localization of knowledge and to cooperate with government agencies and institutions. This approach is in line with the directives of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai- may Allah protect him- who has called for efforts to raise the level of excellence and integration in government work and among all entities, he added.

     "The joining of Dubai Statistics Center in the 'My Family Reads' initiative will expand the circle of beneficiaries of the initiative's knowledge packages whereas these knowledge packages will be delivered to employees and every member of their families, which would promote knowledge and encourage reading and acquiring what is new of knowledge from all parts of the world," HE Bin Huwaireb said.

     On his part, HE Tariq Al Janahi expressed pleasure at DSC joining in the 'My Family Reads' initiative. He commended MBRF's efforts towards transferring and spreading knowledge among members of the society through creative initiatives that promote the cultural level of individuals, enrich their minds and provide them with benefits. HE Al Janahi pointed out that such initiatives support the Center's commitment to enhancing the work environment and providing quality services for employees in various fields as this would Boost their happiness and loyalty to the organization which will be reflected positively on the individual performance of employees and;,thus, enhance the performance of the organization as well. He added that reading is a gateway to strengthening the creativity and innovation by promoting the employees' knowledge, to which DSC place great attention aiming at achieving its vision of being a global hub promoting development in Dubai".

     HE Al Janahi  asserted that 'My Family Reads' initiative helps preserve the Arab culture and the Arabic language and creates young generations of the UAE who realize the value of our Arab culture and civilization, besides strengthening in them the concept of national identity. "In addition, this partnership with MBRF will help consolidate ties and mutual cooperation between government institutions in the field of social responsibility and not just at the level of government work," HE Al Janahi said.

     The knowledge packages include a collection of books on topics related to history and world heritage. They also discuss issues of interest to families as well as books related to management and arts of dealing with things of everyday life. In addition, they contain books for children and young people, which suit their needs and shed light on the lives of great people and scientists. Furthermore they contain entertainment and educational books.

     It is mentioned that The 'My Family Reads' initiative seeks to spread cultural awareness and encourage the principle of Reading for All, by enabling the young generation of the UAE to gain access to global knowledge and different cultures in order to produce creative minds capable of building a better future.