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Community Development Authority (CDA) and Dubai Statistics Center (DSC) Launching the 4th Dubai Social Survey

Image : Al Muhairi and Al Kamda
Image : Al Muhairi and Al Kamda

CDA and DSC announced the implementation of the field phase of the Dubai Social Survey – 2015 starting from Tuesday, 1/9/2015 to 15/11/2015. The survey is a part of the framework of the mutual wok and collaboration between CDA and DSC in the implementation of the project following the success accomplished by the two parties in executing Dubai Social Survey in 2011 and 2013

HE Khaled Al Kamda, Director General of the Community Development Authority (CDA) said that the social survey performed by the Authority in coordination with Dubai Statistics Center, participates in defining areas of development and improvement in the social sectors. He also pointed out that the former surveys had major impact on developing services that meet the needs of different segments of the community. Al Kamda also said: "The 4th Social Survey will take place this year, which will allow us to measure the social development indicators and to recognize the impact of the proposed services and programs, along with the development of practical plans and new programs to develop our service and achieve a qualitative leap in improving the lives of different classes of the society"  


 Al Kamda added: "CDA is working according to a scientific methodology forecasts the targeted society segments. It also develops services that comply with these needs and meet the aspirations and ambitions of the beneficiaries. The statistical form is designed in a way aligned with the information needs of the planning and performance measurement, where this information is to be filled in by families and individuals directly through the field survey to ensure its credibility and accuracy, which grants an informational environment that will put the Authority plans and polices on the right track." 

Al Kamda continued: "The Social Survey this year includes a special study of divorce aims at identifying the reasons behind divorce and its social impacts, the thing which forms an important input to develop the Authority's plans, policies and initiatives aims at combating the divorce phenomenon and decrease its pace and its negative social impact to a minimum"

From his side, HE Arif Al Muhairi, DSC Executive Director, said: "the field phase of the 4th Dubai Social Survey was launched on the 1st of September and will continue till the 21st of November. The work team of the field phase will cover a statistical sample representing the Emirate community that will include more than 5000 families, as well as workers from different areas in Dubai. He also stated that the sample would represent the different nationalities and characteristics distinguishing the family and the individuals living in Dubai. Al Muhairi added that the times of the field visits of the night periods are set to start from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm, based on a study of the most suitable time for families to be present at their residential units. 


Al Muhairi also pointed out that the survey will be performed using state of the art hardware and smart technologies to ensure the maximum efficiency of the field operations and highest levels of the quality of data, keeping the time consumed to meet the studied case to a minimum. He also added that the devices are linked directly to a database to be updated automatically once receiving the information of any family, so the surveying department and audit team can immediately undergo the control, monitoring and audit technical operations. Al Muhairi emphasized that the Center takes all the necessary measures to protect the information and maintain its privacy and confidentiality, pointing out to the Statistics Act guarantees the confidentiality of individual data and the non-disclosure of this information except to the authorized persons in the Center. The survey's outputs come in the form of reports and statistical indicators across the Emirate. Al Muhairi addressed community members whom the survey will cover, to cooperate fully with the statistical researcher assigned by the Center and to facilitate his mission, as it is an individual obligation towards community and towards the efforts of the government development plan.  

The total indicators derived from the Social survey are amounted to 90 indicators, serving the requirements of Dubai Strategy, in addition to 12 key indicators to be calculated by the Community Development Authority (CDA) in the main report.