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Completion of field work for Households Enumeration 2017 in Dubai this month

​Image: Arif Al Muhairi - CEO

​Image: Arif Al Muhairi - CEO

The Dubai Statistics Center completes, at end of this month, the fieldwork of the Households Enumeration 2017 scheduled within the emirate's statistical plan. The plan aims to update the database of buildings and housing units according to the main characteristics and accounting for families living in such units and buildings in terms of type (Emirati or non-Emirati families), as well as group families and residential communities for workers and employees.

Keeping up with evolution

Arif Obaid Al Muhairi, Executive Director of the Dubai Statistics Center, stated to Al-Bayan: «These statistics are aimed at keeping up with the urban, demographic, social and economic development of the emirate in particular and the state in general. This survey coincides with the DSC strategic plan, in support of the development of the emirate, by providing accurate and reliable statistical data and information to policy makers and decision makers, in pursuit of the realization of DSC vision, which aims at a supportive statistic for creating happiness and sustainable development. »

He explained that the project in its first phase covered most of the emirate's planning areas, and the data were updated through intelligent devices and techniques directly linked to the central databases. This data flows directly to them for the checks to be performed regularly. He pointed out that the field teams comprised of 130 supervisors and field researchers visit families in the evening from 4:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m., all weekdays except Friday. He called on all families and individuals covered by the census to cooperate with the researchers and to provide them with accurate data and information, as it is important to the accuracy of the figures that will assist decision makers, planners and all other sectors of the emirate.


Al Muhairi advised that DSC is taking all necessary measures to protect the information collected, maintain its confidentiality and use it to achieve the objectives of the project, and that all researchers assigned by DSC carry valid ID cards. He requested the public not to declare any data to anyone who does not exhibit DSC identification card and to report them immediately, as they do not represent DSC.