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11 Licensed Establishments to Carry Out Surveys

Image: Mohammed Al mulla, Directer statistical surveys & Frames Department

​Image: Mohammed Al mulla, Directer statistical surveys & Frames Department

​Fines and Legal Actions Against Violating Establishments

Dubai Statistics Center has unveiled that establishments authorized to carry out surveys in the Emirate of Dubai are 11 following they have already fulfilled all the legal, administrative and technical obligations to practice this activity which regulated in Dubai as per the Executive Council Resolution No. (39) of 2015 and the Administrative Decision No. (96) of 2016 issued by the Executive Director of DSC.

Mr. Mohamad Al Mulla, Director of Statistical Surveys & Frames Department, stated: "Those establishments were able to fulfill all the legal, administrative and technical obligations and they were granted permits to practice this activity and conduct for third parties. Also, these establishments are authorized to issue their field surveyors permits through DSC." He further explained: "Regulating this activity in Dubai is a leading step that aims at ensuring the execution of surveys in Dubai accurately and properly and as per the scientific methods and approaches adopted in this regard, besides providing the legal protection of the personal data of society members and economic enterprises … etc. It aims also to ensure the efficiency of establishments operating in this dynamic field, given that decisions and draw future plans for investors and other stakeholders are drafted based on these surveys results. Furthermore, regulating this activity is meant to contribute to eliminating all obstacles facing conducting surveys and furnish the appropriate environment to accomplish them."

Al Mulla put in plain words that any establishment carries out surveys for other parties without obtaining the required license, they are violating the law and subject to penalties and fines. He explained that the oversight team of Statistical Surveys & Frames Department oversees establishments conducting surveys, verifies its legality and takes the necessary measures, if necessary.