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Federal Authority for Human Resources Signs a Memorandum of Understanding with DSC

Imge : AlMuhairi and Al-Awar during signing a memorandum of undrstanding
Imge : AlMuhairi and Al-Awar during signing a memorandum of undrstanding

The Federal Authority for Government Human Resources (FAHR) signed today Wednesday a memorandum of understanding with Dubai Statistics Center (DSC), that aims at enhancing cooperation between the two in exchanging statistical data of the federal government employees and the Government of Dubai employees. FAHR was represented by its General Manager Dr. Abdulrahman Al-Awar, while DSC was represented by its Executive Director Mr. Arif Obaid Al-Muhairi

In his speech, Dr. Al-Awar stressed the importance of this cooperation between government entities, as it is a realization of the aspirations and directions of the wise leadership of the UAE, and the human resources strategy of the federal government. He pointed out that the exchange of statistical data of the federal government's employees and those of the government of Dubai will greatly contribute to promoting the planning operation and helping decision-makers in making policies concerning developing and growing the capabilities of the human capital and empowering it in government entities and organizations, in addition to supporting statistical surveys on State level.

He stated that FAHR has a large, unified database on the level of the federal government through the human resources information management system "Bayanati", which is considered a quantum leap in the world of smart government applications regarding important human resources procedures in the federal government, as this system helps in managing human resources effectively and presenting general and accurate statistics concerning them.

He expressed his delight with this cooperation that enhances the integration between the State's organizations, to the benefit and interest of the country. It also translates the federal government's strategy to develop the prospects of cooperation between the federal and local government entities into a reality.

Arif Obaid Al Muhairi, the Executive Director of DSC, stated that it continues to enhance the strategic partnership network with the different government entities and it opens new horizons for cooperation in a way that serves Dubai and the decision-makers. It also sheds more light on the importance of using statistical information and data.

The signing ceremony was attended by Aisha Al Suwaidi, FAHR's Executive Director of Human Resources Policies, Laila Al Suwaidi, FAHR's Executive Director of programs Sector and Human Resources Planning, Mr. Ibrrahim Fikri, FAHR's Deputy Executive Director of Supporting Services Sector, as well as some officials from both sides.