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«Dubai Statistics»: 13.3% of Female Emiratis Occupy Senior Positions

Image: Afaf Boasibeh, Director of Economic Statistics

Image: Afaf Boasibeh, Director of Economic Statistics

​Emirati Women Excel in Health and Education Sectors in Dubai

Afaf Ahmed Boasibeh, Director of Economic Statistics at Dubai Statistics Center "DSC", revealed that 13.3% of working Emirati women residing in Dubai occupy senior positions within the category of senior employees and managers while stressing that 33.7% of females are working in specialized professions. She underscored that such figures confirm that the Emirati woman is highly qualified to assume leadership positions and be professional, besides her high academic qualifications. This is a gesture that Emirati women are one of the main pillars of UAE economy and development processes.

She further explained that the net rate of female Emiratis' economic participation (labor force from the population aged 15 years and above) experienced a slight increase over the past year to rise from 35.2% to 35.8%. This percentage means that there is a gradual increase in the contribution and participation of Emirati women in the labor market of Dubai.


Life Expectancy

With regard to the indicator of life expectancy at birth, Ms. Boasibeh pointed out that it increases among Female Emirati by nearly one year compared to males reaching 80.1 years in 2016.

"This means that Emirati women are expected to live about 80 years from the moment of their birth," said she. She added: "This rate matches the highest rates in developed countries which reflects the quality of life, high level of care, health awareness and services enjoyed by society in general and women in particular, both at UAE level and at the level of Dubai in various aspects such as health, education, nutrition and welfare in general."

She emphasized that the statistical reports of the Emirate of Dubai show a remarkable outpace of Emirati women in several strategic sectors, such as education and health. The percentage of Emirati female teachers reached 97.0% during the academic year of 2015/2016 and 97.3% in 2014/2015 in Dubai out of the total Emirati teachers during the same two academic years.

The percentage of Emirati female doctors and dentists working at Dubai Health Authority "DHA" hospitals and centers was 79.2% of the total number of Emirati doctors working in the DHA hospitals and centers during the past year. Moreover, all Emirati nurses working in DHA hospitals and centers are females. She stressed the superiority of female Emiratis in pharmacy profession and other technical professions compared to male Emiratis. Women achieved a percentage of 94.6% and 90.6%, respectively of the total number of Emirati nationals working in the field of pharmacy and other technical professions in hospitals and centers of DHA.

"This remarkable achievement of Emirati women working in these specialized professions, which require academic qualifications, comes as a result of the notable increase in the numbers and percentages of Emirati women residing in Dubai holding a bachelor degree and above in various disciplines. This has enhanced women's economic participation with the highest levels of competence and skill required by the labor market," said Boasibeh

She went on to say, "During 2016, the percentage of female Emiratis holding bachelor degree and above increased by 1.6% compared to 2015 where the percentage in 2015 was 27.7%. This percentage rose to 29.3% in 2016 of the total female Emiratis residing in Dubai. Also, the gap is in the favor of female Emiratis compared to the males holding a bachelor degree and above whose percentage was 4.4% in 2016."


Female Workers

She said, "The number of female Emiratis residing in Dubai has increased to be 28,668 in 2016 compared to 27,868 in 2015 representing 37.6% of the total Emirati workforce residing in Dubai in 2015 and rising up to 37.8% in 2016. Such an increase is attributed to female Emiratis holding high academic degrees. It is a fact that more than half of the Emirati women working in Dubai hold a bachelor degree or above and they represent 56.5% of Emirati women working in Dubai."


Bashayer Al Khaja, President of Women Committee in DSC "DANAT", stated: "DSC shows pronounced interest in Emirati women who contributed largely to the establishment of DSC and contributed to realizing its ground breaking achievements locally and internationally. Additionally, the percentage of female employees in leadership and supervisory positions at DSC is 64.3% of the total number of these positions."

"DSC has succeeded in achieving record levels of employees' satisfaction in general and for female employees in particular. According to a study conducted by the Dubai Government Excellence Program in 2016, DSC's female employees' happiness reached 97%,' said she.

Bashayer added, "These positive results are attributed to DSC's senior management who pays close attention to female employees, supports them to achieve their ambitions and make all amenities which are in line with the cultural heritage available." She concluded by saying, "DSC's Women Committee adopts a plan that includes many initiatives and innovative services which aim to enhance female employees' professional and social aspects."


Volunteering Knight

Asma Al Marzouqi, Vice-President of Volunteering Knights at DSC and winner of Volunteering Knight Award for two consecutive years, said: "DSC provides an exceptional environment that supports our personal ambitions linked directly to our jobs or our social ambitions, besides to those related to the enhancement of our social responsibility towards society."

Al Marzouqi emphasized that she acquired volunteering culture and serving the society during her work in DSC. She received full support from DSC management which turns her into a significant participant in this field achieving more than 500 hours of volunteering hours serving the society and the homeland.  Worth mentioning, Al Marzouqi participated as a volunteer in the organization of the UAE Pavilion at Milan Expo in Italy in 2015.

Al Marzouqi pointed out, "The percentage of female employees in the team of volunteers at DSC is 66%. This reflects the supportive environment offered by DSC to female employees and motivating them to engage in volunteer work."

She expressed her happiness with what she and her colleagues offer to the homeland and the community.