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The Smart Statistics System is the Best Government-to-Government (G2G) Service According to the Award

​Image : Director of the IT and Statistics Systems Department Ahmed Al Dashti Receives the Award

​Image : Director of the IT and Statistics Systems Department Ahmed Al Dashti Receives the Award

Dubai Statistics Center won the first place in the award for the best provider of G2G services in the awards.  ITB on Tuesday announced the winners during a ceremony to handover the awards by the technical trade magazine. The ceremony was held at the Emirates Towers Hotel in Dubai and Dubai Statistics Center won the first place for the smart statistics system less than one month after winning the International Business Excellence Award IBXA for the year 2015 for the smart technology category.

The award was received by Dubai Statistics Center's Director of the IT and Statistics Systems Department Ahmed Al Dashti. Dashti said the Dubai Statistics Center is proud to be a part of the pioneering achievements accomplished by the UAE in general and Dubai in particular and noted that the Dubai Statistics Center adopted the principle of innovation in building the system which was designed and created by the center instead of being procured as a ready-to-use application system.

Speaking on the nature of the Smart Statistics System, Dashti said the system consists of five integrated and high-tech systems through which statistical processes and the flow, processing and publishing of statistical information in Dubai are managed. Dashti pointed out that the smart statics system gained wide acclaim on the domestic regional and international statistical arenas and became one of the pioneering statistical practices attracting those searching for the best practices in this field as the contributed in a practical manner in increasing the quality of statistical outputs and simplifying the statistical processes and creating qualitative channels for the provision of the service to various categories of clients and beneficiaries of the center's services.

 The Smart Statistics System

The smart statistics system is an integrated statistics system including a group of subsystems consisting of the "indicators" system which is designed for senior management and decision makers to allow following up on the latest indicators and variables in Dubai through a smart interactive advance interface that is updated from the central statics database which is continuously updated through direct linking with data sources or through the "statistical sources" system which connected to multiple primary  and secondary statistical sources. The system also features that "interactive statistics" system which is designed for planners and specialized experts to provide them with smart mechanisms to directly deal with large central statistical database and to create statistical reports in accordance with their technical requirements regardless of the degree of complexity and without the need for any technical support. This is in addition to the "polling" system for surveying opinions and polling and which guarantees high levels of accuracy and quality for opinion polls and the ability to directly and instantaneously monitor responses. Furthermore, the system features that "smart statistical map" which is based on integration between geographical information systems and statistical information through the collection of statistical data for various demographic, social and economic demographic sectors over Dubai's map.

Interactive Statistics

The interactive statistics system is one of the arms of the smart statistics system which aims at improving statistical work procedures in Dubai. It is one of the world pioneering electronic system in the field of statistics and census and primarily aims at supporting research, planning and decision making process, as this system allows users direct interaction with the statistical databases for various censuses and statistical, economic, demographic and social surveys carried out by the center, which adds significant value especially in light of the capabilities provided by the system such as smart technical tools that enable the users to create customized statistical reports in accordance. The system also offers mechanisms to view the latest record data and statistics issued by the various government departments and institutions in Dubai and which represent the size and nature of the transactions and activities thereof. This provides the most up-to-date, accurate and accredited statistical reports for the users in a direct manner. The record statistical reports system covers a number of government departments, authorities and institutions through electronically linking therewith through the statistics sources system for the collection of data and information.


The indicators system is one of the most important arms of the smart statistical system and which is custom designed to be used by decision makers and senior level officials as it displays the latest statistical indicators from various demographic, social and economic sectors through connected and interactive data panels and advanced statistical solutions.

Statistical Sources

The statistical sources is one of the arms of the smart statics system and is considered the main gate for the flow of information to the central statistical database from various official statistical data sources. This system offers a number of technological solutions for statistical liking to guarantee that the system can be integrated with data sources capabilities and the nature of the data sources databases. The data sources system can provide secondary statistical linking systems that connect official statistical data sources with their secondary sources.



The polling system a component of the smart statistical system through which various kinds of surveys studies are carried to support strategic works in Dubai. This advanced system was built by taking into account technical aspects and statistical standards guaranteeing the highest levels of quality in the execution of statistical surveys and achieving highly accurate and impartial results.

The Statistical Map

The "smart statistical map" is another arm of the Dubai Government smart statistics system. It is based on a philosophy that combines geographic information systems and statistical data and through which statistical data from various demographic, social and economic sectors are displayed over the map of Dubai for the purpose of linking statistical information with their geographic locations which doubles the value of statistical information and enhances the use thereof in planning in various fields. This is in addition to the fact that the system is used in field the center's field operation to boost efficiency and effectiveness of such operations.