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Community Development Authority and Dubai Statistics Center Launch Dubai's 5th Social Survey

Image: DSC logo

Image: DSC logo

For the fifth time, the Community Development Authority (CDA) and Dubai Statistics Center (DSC) have launched the 2017 field works of the social survey in Dubai to commence on 16th September and will last until 30th November. The survey aims to obtain detailed data to measure the performance indicators of the social development sector in the Emirate of Dubai and to identify the social reality in Dubai in general to be linked to certain demographic, social and economic variables.

CDA seeks to capitalize on DSC's expertise to establish information bases on the social situation whose outputs are to be utilized to develop strategies, to devise policies and to identify and monitor the requirements, needs and opinions of the community and assess the impact of related policies and programs.

The goals of the survey include building a database on social reality which incorporates quantitative data and general views related to the social reality in Dubai, identifying the living conditions of Dubai's families in general with their different nationalities and types and measuring the indicators of Dubai Strategic Plan of Social Sector and CDA's indicators.

Saeed Al Tayer, CEO- Social Planning and Development Sector at CDA, said: "The social survey is the cornerstone of planning to develop and advance the process of community development. It plays an important role in measuring the performance indicators of social development strategies. Moreover, it is a major source for extracting data and information that are analyzed to measure the needs of community development and their development prospects. Also, the survey provides us with indicators of the programs needed to improve the services provided to the community and its members." He added, "The survey provides information to various sectors of the emirate such as security, education, health, housing and culture which contribute to the identification of the community's views with regard to certain services provided by these sectors and helps in the planning and development process."

"We are conducting this social survey in cooperation with our partners in DSC with the aim to set up a system to develop the community work based on field readings of the current reality to build on them plans based on well-studied and scientific foundations," said he. He further explained, "Based on DSC's expertise, the previous surveys achieved considerable success to shed the lights on certain significant community issues, to create an information model that can be used in decision-making processes, and to formulate the development policies and strategies essential to have a strong and cohesive society in all its members and categories."

On his part, Arif Al Muhairi, Executive Director of DSC, expressed his appreciation to CDA for the exemplary level of strategic partnership valuing CDA's keenness to support the planning processes and developing social policies based on the statistical information that reflects the social reality in the field. He emphasized that the survey provides an accurate and comprehensive image of the social reality in light of the fact that DSC's employs the best international practices, methodologies and statistical standards when conducting statistical surveys, and makes use of the world-class smart technologies which significantly contribute to the efficiency of statistical surveys.

Al Muhairi also urged the families and community members who constitute the sample of the survey to facilitate the field researchers' mission by participating in the survey, providing them with accurate information and exhibiting full cooperation with them considering that as a duty towards society and future generations before it is a legal obligation. He added that participation of the society in the survey is a contribution to create the future and a sign of supporting the development processes. He pointed out that the law protects their data and they are confidential and that DSC takes all necessary measures to protect such information and using them is limited for statistical purposes.

Mohammed Al Mulla, Director of Statistical Surveys and Frames Department at DSC, said: "Researchers tasked by DSC to conduct the Social Survey or any other statistical survey hold a valid official ID issued by DSC which exhibits the researcher's photo and related information. Also, they wear a uniform which is a red and gray jacket holding DSC's and Government of Dubai's logos." He stressed, "Anyone who does not have a card or not wearing the uniform does not represent DSC, and individuals should not disclose any information to them. In case of suspecting his/her eligibility to collect information, they should be reported immediately."

As regards to the timings of the field visits to residential units, Mulla explained" Field visits will take place during the evening period, which is the most convenient period for most members of the community according to the feedback received from the public. Indeed, visits will be conducted during 4.30 p.m. to 9.30 p.m."