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CEOs of Happiness: Determined to Offer Top-Notch Services

Image: Mr. Tariq Al Janahi, Deputy Executive Director of Dubai Statistics Center (DSC)

On the occasion of the World Day of Happiness, the Chief Executive Officers of Happiness and Quality of Life in government departments underscored that UAE has furnished all means to delight all its customers. They all highlighted that they are reflecting such a trend by launching qualitative initiatives with sights set to make customers happy and simplify procedures that enable them to receive their document in the easiest and finest possible ways. They also stated that customer service departments mark this international day by ensuring providing its services around the clock to ensure providing top-notch customer services.


Scientific Methodologies


On his turn, Mr. Tariq Al Janahi, Deputy Executive Director of Dubai Statistics Center (DSC) stated that happiness is the ultimate result of an elaborate system of policies and plans based on scientific principles and methodologies. “Indeed, such system is meant to motivate the psychological factor, i.e. happiness through main two tracks. The first track is designed to develop the intellectual and cognitive pattern and to promote positive behavior and values ​​and lifestyle. The second one is to provide external factors of a positive impact by meeting the individuals’ needs with the aim to give a push to the level of well-being and leading to leverage levels of happiness.” Al Janahi stressed that these two factors complement each other and they by no means can be used discretely to create happiness.


Al Janahi addressed a question with regard to the priority that should be taken into account with regard to happiness. “Many wonder what must come first? Should it be the well-being factors such as tangible needs or the happiness culture, the way of thinking and lifestyle?”. He pointed out that he sees the quality and positive thinking and lifestyle comes first. “The greater the volume of such a factor, the greater the impact of tangible factors on human happiness. For example, if the individual is positive, grateful and satisfied, his or her appreciation of the tangible well-being factors available to him, such as income level, housing level and educational and health services level … etc. will be highly appreciated he or she will feel happy as a result of his or her positive perspective and appreciation of what he or she owns and enjoys.


In this context, Al Janahi stated another example that emphasizes the values ​​and positive behavior has a priority over other factors. “If the individual is featured by being generous, helping others and showing genuine feelings of compassion, sympathy and respect, then this should absolutely reflect positively on their level of happiness even prior those who benefited from their good deeds and positive values.” He stated that such cases are evidence-based and are confirmed by many studies and psychological research. “Factors of culture, values, behavior and way of thinking are superior to factors of tangible well-being. As for the lifestyle, such as practicing sports continuously, healthy food, religious practices and professional and social balance, they also are critical to the individual’s happiness and so closely related to the biological hormones responsible for happiness.”


Giving a Boost to Services


Eng. Hamad Al Dhanhani, Director of Customer Happiness Centers and CEO of Happiness and Quality of Life at Sheikh Zayed Housing Program (SZHP), stated that they are constantly seeking to develop the SZHP executive regulations, including the introduction of new categories to benefit from the housing services according to their needs. “Such a trend is turned to concrete steps by serving orphans, Emirati females married to expatriates, elderly people and other categories. There are always developments we adopt to overcome any obstacles that might face all these segments.”


He added that serving customers and ensuring that they are happy is the core business of all government entities that seeks to excel all the time while serving their customers. “SZHP in particular is constantly developing its services to ensure keeping its customers happy and satisfied by developing procedures meant to serve new segments of customers.”


“The equation of the customer happiness adopted by SZHP, include the employee who is proud of providing a distinguished service, a dedicated entity in making its customers happy and a positive and initiative customer,” Al Dhanhani said. He noted that SZHP deals with many humanitarian cases with the spirit of law in respect of certain clauses of law and regulations that might in certain cases keep a tight rein on taking decisions to sort out issues which are humanitarian in the first place. “We usually provide recommendations to amend such clauses of law or regulations once they are perceived as an obstacle that hinders providing customers with significant and distinguished services.”


Quality Initiatives


Mariam Al Arri, CEO of Happiness and Quality of Life at the Ministry of Infrastructure Development, said: “The UAE government has paid great attention to ensure that the citizens and residents are happy as it is one of the main goals of the institutional work in the public entities.”


She added: “Based on this, the Ministry of Infrastructure Development focused on several initiatives that are in line with the directives of the UAE wise leadership who also concentrates on the theme of happiness of the employee, customers and the UAE society as a whole through launching quality initiatives that meet their needs.”



She also highlighted the efforts paid by the Ministry to further boost the principles of happiness by saying: “The Ministry of Infrastructure Development has incorporated the principle of promoting and enhancing the concept of happiness in its strategy, programs and policies. We are so keen to create a happy work environment through launching relevant initiatives and promoting the concept of innovation and creativity at workplaces among its employees. This surely will support achieving the goals that lead by the end of the day to the realization of UAE Vision 2021 by being ranked first in global competitiveness indicators.