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A Partnership Between “Dubai Statistics” and “Boeing” International to Measure the Society’s Travel Trends

​Image: DSC logo

​Image: DSC logo

Dubai Statistics Center (DSC) has launched a pilot study in favor of the USA's Boeing Company, the world's leading company in aerospace industry. The study aims to identify the individuals' trends related to travelling. The move comes as part of the Dubai Government's efforts to provide all kinds of support to the business community in order to achieve the highest levels of competitiveness in Dubai.


This partnership reflects the trust that the international community has in the UAE's government institutions in general and DSC in particular based on the topnotch international policies and scientific approaches they adopt. Noteworthy, the Government of Dubai is featured by its world-class institutions and reputation that have established confidence and partnership with leading and notable international companies. Such a feature has enabled Dubai to promote its economic position in the region and globally.


The study covers a representing sample of the all the segments of the Dubai's society and will be implemented through smart and electronic channels. The study does not include any information about the individuals' identity as it aims to identify the trends of the society in general and the preferences of travelers in various international markets along with their aspirations regarding travel offers. This move is meant to tackle means of supporting offers provided by the aviation companies and to enrich the travelers' experience and has nothing to do with personal attitudes and opinions at the individual level.