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Industry activity is the industry that converts raw materials into ready-to-use products to be consumed as final or intermediate consumption. Economic indicators are displayed in this activity by value-added, output, intermediate consumption, the number of workers, compensation of employees and capital formation through a series of economic surveys. Dubai has implemented statistical industrial establishments. These surveys covered licensed from all licensing authorities in the Emirate of Dubai. This section includes data about energy sector which came from Electricity and Water Authority of Dubai which show the network of electricity and water consumed in Dubai as well as data about efficiency of electricity network and water. The main economic indicator about this activity which includes intermediate consumption, value added, compensation of employees and capital formation. It should be noted that the activities in this section are classified according to International Standard Industrial Classification of All Economic Activities Revision 4 (ISIC4). The use of (ISEC 4) is to estimate time series for all activities and publishing them according to the new classification in order to ensure consistency and comparability. Process of statistics production at the center goes to many auditing processes and review at various stages that are managed by the production of statistics in line with international standards and quality controls for data adopted in the Dubai Statistics Centre to provide valuable and reliable data process for users.

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