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This theme includes all types of data related to buildings and housing units in the emirate of Dubai for the census years and from the reality of inventory of buildings and housing units and Establishments. The section also includes data on buildings under construction and completed buildings, data on building permits issued, licensed areas, engineering laboratory tests and data on land transactions such as sales, collateral, release of collateral, and mortgage of land development lease. In addition, it covers the numbers and areas of land parcels owned by the Gulf Cooperation Council country nationals in the emirate.

The importance of the study and provision of a comprehensive database on buildings and housing units in the emirate of Dubai is that it is one of the cornerstones of a comprehensive development plan. Roads, transportation, communications, schools, healthcare centers, hospitals and other basic services are all built on accurate statistical information on population and housing units.

The study and identification of the status of construction in any geographical area provides a clear picture of the extent of urban development in that area and a comprehensive indication of the general direction of that development. The emirate of Dubai is considered as one of those cities which experienced a dramatic increase in the number of buildings and housing units. This dramatic increase must be highlighted and made available to planers, policy makers, and decision makers to identify the huge pressures exerted by the main basic services (water, electricity, sanitation services, etc…) on one hand, and to identify the extent of the contribution of this sector in terms of income and estimated values in the Gross Domestic Product of the emirate on the other.


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