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Construction activity is the concern activity on the construction of homes that are built, residential buildings, commercial and infrastructure construction such as roads, bridges and pipelines. This activity includes working in the construction field installations and maintenance of buildings and establishments operating in construction of infrastructure and maintenance.

Economic indicators in this activity are presented by value-added production, intermediate consumption, the number of workers, and compensation of employees and capital formation for this activity through a series of economic surveys conducted by Dubai Statistics Center for licensed establishments from all licensing authorities in the Emirate of Dubai. The establishments are classified by International Standard Industrial classification of All Economic Activities (ISIC4 4), which it's used since 2013. The center re-estimate the time series for all activities and dissemination according to the new classification in order to ensure consistency and comparability. The process of statistics production at the center is subjected to many of auditing and review procedures in the various stages that are managed by statistics production in consistent with international standards and quality controls for data adopted in Dubai Statistics Centre to provide valuable and reliable data for users.

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Title Description Publishing Year File Type File Size
Number & Value Of Government House`S Under Construction And Completed By Type 2003 Document Icon 79 KB
Length Of Annual Asphalted Roads By Type 2003 Document Icon 68 KB
Length Of Asphalted Roads By Carriageway Type And Functional Class 2003 Document Icon 75 KB
Value Of Establishments Purchases In Contracting Activity By Means Of Internal Transport 2003 Document Icon 134 KB
Certificates Issued To Block`S Factories And Quantities Of Complied Blocks By Location Of Production 2003 Document Icon 74 KB
Contracting Companies Registered On Building And Construction By Type Of Main Economic Activity 2003 Document Icon 82 KB
Engineering Material Laboratory Carried Out Tests By Type 2003 Document Icon 72 KB
Title Description Publishing Year File Type File Size
Economic Survey for Private Sector Establishments   2003 Document Icon 2.699 MB