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This theme contains various statistical data on social and religious services. In the area of social activities, the Emirate of Dubai worked hardly on the development and the rise of living standards as well as the improvement of life quality and the spread of social safety and security by building and providing social centers and family and childcare institutions.

Giving attention to activities of public welfare societies and the support provided for these societies. In addition to that, data of registered people with special needs by type of disability in the Emirate of Dubai is covered. In relation to the religious area, the statistical data covers the services provided by the Department of Islamic Affairs and Charitable Activities which includes, the supervision as well as the construction of mosques and Eid Mosallas and providing permissions and authorization for employees working in the religious institutions.

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Title Description Publishing Year File Type File Size
Non-Profit Societies By Type & Granted Subsidies 2004 Document Icon 94 KB
Characteristics Of Nurseries Supervised By Families & Childhood Care Department 2004 Document Icon 88 KB
Social Assistances Granted 2004 Document Icon 84 KB
Mosques By Location And Type 2004 Document Icon 90 KB
Employees Of Mosques By Occupation & Nationality 2004 Document Icon 89 KB
Main Activites & Programmes Of Social Development Centres 2004 Document Icon 89 KB
Mosques By Capacity 2004 Document Icon 83 KB
Mosques By Constructing Authority 2004 Document Icon 89 KB
Title Description Publishing Year File Type File Size