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This theme provides statistical information about agriculture, livestock and Fisheries and its services through which we can identify the extent of development on these sectors in the emirate of Dubai.  It also provides data on veterinarian services, slaughterhouses activities. Data is updated from sources on an annual basis.These statistical data on agricultural activities, as well as the data provided on livestock and fisheries are essential since they have fundamental effects on decisions related to economy, trade, climate and environment.

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Title Description Publishing Year File Type File Size
General Waste by Type and Transport Means 2009 Document Icon 46 KB
General Waste Treated by Type 2009 Document Icon 46 KB
Hazardous Waste Treated by Waste Class 2009 Document Icon 40 KB
Percentage Distribution of Collected Solid Waste Components 2009 Document Icon 38 KB
Quantity of Treated Drainage Water and Quantity Used for Irrigation 2009 Document Icon 53 KB
Drainage Services by Type 2009 Document Icon 37 KB
Green Areas and Trees by Type end of The Year 2009 Document Icon 54 KB
Air Pollution Indicators at Monitoring Sites 2009 Document Icon 65 KB
Quantity of Rainfall 2009 Document Icon 57 KB
Mean Monthly Temperature 2009 Document Icon 39 KB
Mean Monthly Relative Humidity 2009 Document Icon 51 KB
Title Description Publishing Year File Type File Size