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​​​​​Dubai Statistics Center (DSC) carries out daily and monthly estimates of the number of population permanently residing in Dubai within the geographic borders of the emirate, whether they are Emiratis or Non-Emiratis. The DSC's estimate of the real-time change in population through the population clock is based on several resources including surveys, censuses, and databases of the relevant governmental bodies as well as the international methodologies accredited in this field.

Dubai's demographic diversity was taken into consideration during the preparation of the population estimates in Dubai. Each of the three main categories (Emiratis, Non-Emiratis, and Employees) is individually estimated owing to the nature and particularities of each group. These estimates are calculated using accredited international methods to measure the change made in each group including at the top of which:

Natural increase in population, population growth rate, comprehensive survey, and periodic monitoring the dynamic mobility of the residents​

Attention: The population clock is adjusted according to the registry-based approach once data is available from the source.

 Population Clock Details