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Emirates Centre for Government Knowledge & Dubai Statistics Centre Launch Institutional Capacity Laboratory

​Image: Group Photo of Participants in ICL Initiative

​Image: Group Photo of Participants in ICL Initiative


In cooperation with Dubai Statistics Center "DSC", Emirates Center for Government Knowledge   "ECGK" of Mohammed Bin Rashed School of Government "MBRSG" has inaugurated the first workshop of the "Institutional Capacity Lab Initiative (ICLI)" at the Etihad Museum on 23rd October. The workshop aimed at measuring DSC institutional capacity, in addition to improving its competitiveness, supporting decision-making processes, managing human resources, promoting sustainable development and consolidating the leading position of the various State actors.

The ICL Initiative held with the participation of ECGK accredited consultants and a group of DSC directors and employees tackled several systematic strategic pillars. Indeed, these pillars are based on scientific measurement tools for DCS's visions, events and initiatives which contribute in creating a comprehensive perception of the future of DSC's work, setting up sound action steps to improve DSC's institutional experience, developing scenarios for the challenges and barriers that may face DSC's development, in addition to introducing mechanisms to visioning future opportunities and how to adapt and benefit from them at all levels.

Mohammed Hassan Al Khatib, Director of ECGK, said: "ICL is part of ECGK's corporate responsibility strategy adopted by the Center and lies at the heart of its work system which is featured by being a "house of government knowledge". Actually, ICL aims at exploring the institutional capacities of various government entities, creating practical approaches that contribute to leveraging their level of competitiveness, transferring government knowledge in accordance with international best practice and developing a strategic long-term vision of their strengths and progress opportunities."

He added: "Our goal is to achieve the premier levels of competitiveness and excellence for government entities and to realize a paradigm shift in their performance for the short and long terms by furnishing an ideal platform for measuring performance and determinants of competitiveness capacity."

During the interactive workshop held at the Etihad Museum in Dubai, work teams were formed with the participation of ECGK's consultants and DSC's directors and employees. The teams discussed the realities of current state of affairs and success indicators and strengths within the institutional work system targeting six key areas of DSC's work, namely: human resource management, strategy and institutional performance, governance and administrative management, knowledge management and innovation management. Additionally, ICL encompassed establishing an indicative benchmark to measure the extent of interaction and progress in DSC's performance across these pillars.

Tariq Al Janahi, Deputy Executive Director and CEO of Happiness and Positivity in DSC, stated: "We appreciate ECGK role and the strategic partnership that led to the foundation of the necessary mechanisms and procedures to move ahead with the development phase and provide the necessary support to DCS."

Noteworthy, ICL turned out with a series of reports and questionnaires developed by each team. They included a set of recommendations and proposals which were reflected into a comprehensive final report that ensures adopting the right track meant to unlock new horizons of excellence in DSC's institutional performance through identifying DSC's strengths, weaknesses and improvement opportunities in targeted areas of work consistent with specific pillars.