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27 billion; value of completed buildings in Dubai growing at 25% in 2014

​Image : Dubai Buildings

​Image : Dubai Buildings

The value of completed buildings in Dubai during 2014 has increased at 24.9 % to Dhs 27.146 billion for 5035 buildings comparing with Dhs 21.732 billion for 5264 building during 2013.

Dubai Statistics Center's statements showed that the completed buildings under supervision of Dubai Municipality are as follows; "Special Villas" are 2557 building in a total amount of Dhs 3.857 billion, and "Investment Villas" are 1654 villa in an amount of Dhs 2.320 billion.

"Industrial Buildings" are 358 at Dhs 3.276 billion, "Public Buildings - Firms" are 165 at  Dhs 2.434 billion, "Multi Floors Buildings" completed during last year are 220 at Dhs 10.643 billion and "Floors Buildings" are 81 at  Dhs 4.616 billion.

During 2014, the number of completed residential apartments in Dubai under supervision of Municipality is approx. 10288 apartment comparing with 14108 apartment completed during 2013, and the number of completed shops at 35.5% is increased to 2363 shop in 2014.

According to the statistics of Dubai Statistics Center, the number of residential apartments in Dubai during 2014 reached to 385852 at 2.4% comparing with 276812 apartments in 2013, while the villas recorded a growth at 6.32% to 79105 villa in 2014 comparing with 74401 villa in 2013, and the number of houses in Dubai reached 8898 house in 2014, and at the end of 2014, the total of buildings in Dubai reached 114588 buildings.