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Walking from Sharjah to work in «Dubai Statistics»

 Image : El Labban , the employee who walk from sharjah to dubai
 Image : El Labban , the employee who walk from sharjah to dubai

In a different way to participate in "Car Free Day" Initiative, Muhammad El Laban, DSC Corporate Liaison Officer, has walked through the distance from Sharjah to his work at Dubai Municipality headquarters on foot to mark the initiative celebration. El Laban walked such distance for approximately 6 hours; he started his day from Sharjah at quarter past Two in the dawn and arrived at the Dubai Municipality headquarters at half past Seven. On his way through, El Laban stopped twice to rest for half an hour in each.

Speaking about why choosing such arduous journey, and not utilizing the many available means of transportation in the Emirate, El Laban explained that "working at DSC always motivates us to thin out of the box, and to get things done in an innovative way no matter how others will look at it as normal. It's the way to come up with creative ideas desired by Dubai government based on the directives of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, our Leader of Innovation".


El Laban added that upon proposing the idea to DSC Senior Management, it approved provided that he will undergo medical examinations to confirm that he is in good health and fitness to do the job without causing any kind of harm.

Having completed such examinations, DSC contacted Dubai police and Ambulance to notify them of journey and El Laban has been given number for points of contact at any time all through his way in case of feeling tired or asking for help. Moreover, such authorities have followed him up throughout the journey to ensure his safety.