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DSC: Transport, storage & communication 4% Growth, Dubai in 2014

Image: Growth in the transport, storage and communications sector has been achieved

Image: Growth in the transport, storage and communications sector has been achieved


AED 25.8-Billion Value Added, 14% of  Dubai's GDP

 DSC: Transport, storage & communication 4% Growth, Dubai in 2014


Dubai's Transport, Storage & Communication sector recorded 4 % growth, pushing the entire economy into growth by 0.6 per cent, ranking as the second sector in importance, accounting for 14% of Dubai's GDP, with an AED 25.8-billion value added throughout the last year.  

Arif Obaid Al Muhairi, DSC's exutive director, told" Al-Bayan" newspaper that: "DSC's reports indicate that this activity includes: storage; communications; and various other activities related to passengers and goods movements by various means, either railroads, pipelines, or land, sea, or air transportations; in addition to the supportive activites such as terminals, waiting stations, goods storage and cargo, postal and telecommunications, and hiring material handling equipments used by drivers or operators," Arif Obaid Al Muhairi, DSC's exutive director, told" Al-Bayan" newspapers, clarifying,"this is according to the International Standard Industrial Classification of all economic activities." Revision 3.1.

He pointed out that: "The air transport is one of the activities that best contribute in the Transport, Storage & Communication sector as it accounts for 40.6% of the sector's Gross Value Added(GVA), presenting 6.4% of GDP with an AED 11-billion value added, compared to the same period of the last year."

He further added:" The statistical language is the most authentic language and upon reviewing the statistical reports of Emirate of Dubai, we find out that figures don't only indicate the constant growth and activeness that the emirate witnesses; yet, they emphasize the strategic integration that various sectors enjoy and the harmony among whom exists as each sector supports the others related to it. All this is due to the penetrating insight and vision of H.H Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, UAE Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, which resulted in a package of effective statigies and policies and leadind constructive initiatives in various sectors emphasizing its global and regional status day by day. 

Al Muhairi believed that Transport, Storage & Communication sector is one of the vital and strategic sectors that contribute in this high economic growth of Dubai, in terms of providing extension services and leading infrustrucure of global standard specifications. He emphasizes the greate attention given by the government to this sector as being one of the main supportive activities for achieving prosperity and getting the economy moving; the government encourages invisting in that sector and is working on modernizing and developing the infrastructure related to it to support developments and providing the other sectors with extention services as well, espicailly in the last decade.Consequently, this has a significant effect on the emirate's structure and componenets.


Inflation rate of the transportation set reached 1.19% over the last year, recording a decline at a percentage of 0.43 per cent compared to 2013; yet, air transport prices topped the transportation set at a percentage of 8.44% and were followed by land transport prices at a percentage of 6.71%, then comes the prices of means of transportation's spare parts and accessories at a percentage of4.88%. The transportation set includes purchasing personal viecles and motorcycles; spare parts, accessories ,fuel and oil, maintenance and repair of means of transportations; other expenses on means of transportations; as well as, land and air transport.

AED 70.13-Billion Imports

Regarding the foreign trade of the department of material handling equipments and means of transportations, Al Muhairi pointed that: "The value of imports reached up to 70.13 billion AED until Q3 of the last year, whereas the value of export in the department of material handling equipments and means of transportations amounted 3.57 billion AED and the value of re-export 30.76 billion AED until Q3 of the same period.

Half a Million Passenger Trips

Al Muhairi stressed that, "The great efforts exerted and the huge projects conducted and operated by Roads & Transport Authority in Dubai is proving to be successful and positively effective day after day; Dubai's tram started operating in 12 Nov. of the last year and its trips exceeded half a milliom passenger trips<<531.453>> within less than tow monthes, indicating that they will exceed 3.5 million passenger trips in throughout 2015," clarifying that," stations of intensive use include: Dubai Marina with 135.341 passenger trips, followed by Jumeirah Beach Residence station(1) with 58.650 passenger trips,then Jumeirah Beach Residence station (2) with 57.572 passenger trips and after that comes Palm Jumeirah station with 51.178 passenger trips throughout 2014.

Red Line

Dubai Metro is increasingly being used day after day, as data indicate an increase in the proportion of the number of Red Line's passenger trips over the last year at a percentage of 17.0%, compared to 2013, with more than 104 million passenger trips. The Red Line's passenger trips are distributed over 29 stations; the Deira City Centre is the most frequently used station among all with 9,643, 254,000 passenger trips, where as Bur Juman, Burj Khalifa, Union, Al Rigga stations exceeded 6 million passenger trips and the Emirates Mall stations approached the number of 5,901,197,000 passenger trips, followed by Abu Dhabi station with 5,743,985,000 passenger trips.    

However, the total number of Dubai Metro, Green Line, accounted for 60 million passenger trips over the last year, an increase of 23.4% compared to 2013.

Dubai Ferry

Dubai Ferry fleet was consisted of 5 ships, over the last year, with 13.099 passages, exceedind half a million passengers with a total number of 515.522 passengers.

Water Taxi

The report indicated that the number of Water Taxi's passages hit 3.618 passages with 23.676 passengers; whereas the number of Water Bus's passages exceeded half a million and 33 thousand passages over the same period. It has been noticed that, with a fleet of 5 water buses, the number of Water Bus's passages hit 533,413 passage with 84,149 passengers. The number of passages varies according to the month, as it increases to hit 67,118 passages in January; yet, it decreases up to 21,067 passages only in July, which reflects the seasonality of use.

Sea Ports

With regard to the maritime transport and passengers'  movement in Dubai four seaport: Rashid,Jebel Ali, Hamriya and Al Shindagha, the statistical report demonstrated that the total number of passengers across Dubai's seaports reached 235,252 passangers:106,074 arriving passengers and 129,178 departing passengers.

The movement of Dubai seaport's passangers varies according to the month, as the seasonality of use and navigation though seaports is very obvious: It increases in winter, or in moderate-heat monthes; whilst, it decreases in summer and months of high tempreture and humidity. December witnessed the highest proportion of passenges' movement, throghout the year, with a total number of 47,379 passengers, followed by January with 44,268 passengers, and then comes Febreuary with 39,136 passengers.