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The Decline of Divorce Rate in Dubai by 35% During the period from 2016 and 2019

Image:  low rates of divorce and marriage in the Emirate of Dubai
Image:  low rates of divorce and marriage in the Emirate of Dubai

A statistical report about divorce and marriage rates prepared by the Dubai Statistics Centre in collaboration in cooperation with the Community Development Authority in Dubai and Dubai Courts revealed that  the divorce rates declined by 35% in the last four years in Dubai between 2016 to 2019.


The report drew that attention that the divorce rate for every 1,000 Emiratis declined from 3.76 in 2016 to 2.44 in 2019, including all divorce cases where one or both of parties are Emiratis.


The report included all divorce and marriage cases that were registered in Dubai Courts regardless of the area where the population belongs, a matter that is intended to accurately measure the rates based on the surrounding social and environmental factors.


The report was based on one of the most accurate global factors in measuring divorce rates on the ground of measuring the divorce rate for every one thousand of the population.


The report revealed a positive trend in the gradual decline of the divorce rates during the last four years, where it revealed that the net divorce rate among married couples declined from 11.95 in 2016 to 7.95 in 2019 by a percentage of 33.5%.


On the other hand, the report showed that the marriage rate also dropped from 11.47 for each one thousand to 9.47 at the percentage of 17% whether one or both of parties are Emiratis.


Hariz Al-Murr Bin Hariz, the chief executive officer of Development an Social Care Sector in the Social Development Authority, said that there is a number of ways to calculate the marriage and divorce rates that are based on different factors and differ in their uses, showing that the prevailing trend in measuring these rates was based on the comparison between the annual rates of marriage and divorce transactions, which measures difference between them, a matter that does give a clear impression about  the reality of divorce in relation to the percentage of population and married population.


He added: “We worked over years to study the best method to measure the divorce rates that gives us the closed results that can be globally compared and can be bases of taking decisions related to supporting the stability of families. We anticipate that the results concluded in this report are the closest to accuracy especially as they deal with a variety of statistical factors that are accredited by international institutions”.


He added; “we observe that the rates in Dubai are compatible with the global average in this field based on which and on more in depth studies, we could investigate the reasons and develop developmental plans to enhance family stability and integrity and in turn develop awareness plans to improve and increase the rate of marriage.”


Bin Hariz confirmed that the decline of marriage rate by 17% is a matter that should be seriously considered because we are an emerging country and we have a great percentage of youth at the age of marriage.  In the Social Development Authority and in cooperation with partners, we are working on developing plans to show the importance of the early marriage and support those who are going to marry to reduce this percentage and push it forward to increase the rates.”