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Statistician Omar – Competitions and Games to Fathom Graphics

​Image : Statistican Omar

​Image : Statistican Omar

Statistician Omar – Competitions and Games to Fathom Graphics

Dubai Statistics Center (DSC) undertakes "Creativity and Innovation" during UAE's Innovation Week, through organizing a package of activities and events, such as creative and cultural initiatives that aim to enhance the culture of creativity and innovation.

Arif Obaid Al Muhairi, Executive Director of DSC, stated that the announcement of His Highness Sheikh Khalifa Bin Zayed Al Nahyan, UAE's president - may God protect him - 2015 as a Year of Innovation, represents a strategic quick start towards a new Emirati renaissance era, as the country's policies, strategies and initiatives will be based on this leading course of action, by means of creative and innovative methods.

Al Muhairi praised the agenda of UAE's Innovation Week, with its creative and innovative programs and initiatives. He also commended the efforts of the governmental entities that interacted with this leading initiative at this level of excellence and creativity. He also pointed out that DSC has started to develop a complete strategy for creativity and innovation, in line with the Leadership's directives.

Al Muhairi also asserted that DSC will collaborate with the governmental entities with a package of initiatives and activities during Innovation Week, where the character Statistician Omar will be launched in Children's City. Innovative, exciting educational events aiming at raising awareness will be organized for children in the City, through a specialized DSC team, within the framework of Statistic Education for Coming Generations initiative, which is on the agenda of Innovation Week.

Also, Al Muhairi advised that the subject matter "Fun with Statistics with Statistician Omar" was designed in a unique, interesting and deliberate way that aims at educating children statistically from all aspects, so that this education adheres permanently with the children receiving it. The children will also be trained on many statistical skills, like the mental skills of reading and quick understanding of graphs, in the form of competitions and games through the character of statistician Omar that was also designed by DSC team.

Creative Experiences

Ramla Al Wahidi, Strategy and Corporate Excellence Office Manager and Head of Knowledge Management Department of DSC, stated that DSC will implement a number of initiatives and activities to enhance the culture of creativity and innovation with its employees, as Creativity Cinema will be organized for the employees, during which the insights and quotes of our leaders concerning creativity and innovation will be displayed. She also pointed out that DSC will host a number of lecturers with innovative experiences during the Knowledge Forum, 5th edition that will be organized this year under the title "Creativity and Innovation".