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Statistical Education for Amina Bint Wahab School Students

​Mr.Mohamed AbuAisha dring the "statistical Education workshop " for students

For more than 70 female students…

Statistical Education for Amina Bint Wahab School Students



Dubai Statistics Centre (DSC) presented a workshop to Amina Bint Wahab School female students. The purpose of such workshop is to raise the statistical awareness among future generations. DSC received more than 70 female students in order to introduce to them the statistics work mechanisms to serve various fields in the society of Dubai.

Mr. Muhammad Abu Aisha, Social Statistics Specialist, has delivered education session on the importance of the female role in the process of promoting awareness in their society for the important role of the statistical work as contributing to the societies and countries development at various socioeconomic levels. Moreover, Abu Aisha has discussed in details the different types of statistical data and provided examples for the same, in addition to presenting the concept and methodology of population census as well as the importance of the census and its regular implementation for the society. The main objective of such programs delivered by DSC at various educational stages is to raise the student awareness on the importance of collaboration with field researchers as the key driver of Dubai's development. 

In addition, Abu Aisha provided illustration of the mechanism for carrying out statistical surveys of different types according to their nature represented in social, economic, labour force, household income and expenditure as well as health surveys.