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Restaurants of Dubai Provide Services Worth 20 Billion Dirhams in 2018

​Image: DSC logo

​Image: DSC logo

Recent data released by the Dubai Statistics Center (DSC) show that the Restaurants Activity produces services worth nearly 20 billion dirhams.


The data show that this activity constitutes almost 2% of the overall production of Goods and Services Category of 2018.  They also show that this sector offers more than 115 jobs with an average monthly salary of 3,600 dirhams.


DSC has underlined that the restaurant activity is one of the vital activities that are growing in Dubai consistent with the nature of Dubai population structure and its attractiveness as a preferred destination for international visitors. These factors contribute to boost the demand for food and drink services.


According to the total number of valid licenses listed in the Dubai Annual Statistical Work Record of 2018, the total number of establishments specialized in food and beverage activities reached 11,792 facilities in 2018 compared to 10731 establishments in 2017 by a growth rate of 9.8%.


The number of licensed establishments within the activity of “Restaurants and Mobile Food Services” increased from 7685 as of the end of 2017 to 8435 by the end of 2018 with a growth rate of 9.7%.


The number of licensed establishments specialized in the activity of “Catering Meals at Events” reached 120 establishments.


Meanwhile, the number of establishments operating in other catering services increased from 793 establishments in 2017 to become 926 ones in 2018 to stand at a growth of 16.7%.


As for the number of licensed establishments within the activities of “Serving Beverages” rose by 8.2%. The total number of these establishments in 2017 was 2,134 ones to reach 2,311 establishments by the end of 2018.