Dubai Statistics: Producer Price Index of Dubai’s Manufacturing Sector Stands at Rise by 6.34% in 2018

Image: Producer Price Index of Dubai’s Manufacturing Sector

​Image: Producer Price Index of Dubai’s Manufacturing Sector

The Producer Price Index (PPI) of Manufacturing Sector of 2018 stood at a rise by 6.34% compared to 2017, the Dubai Statistics Center (DSC) reported.


Movement of PPI of Manufacturing Sector 2018 


The report has unveiled that PPI of Manufacturing Sector of Dubai recorded a significant rise by 6.34 per cent during 2018 compared to 2017 prices. DSC's analysts attributed the realized upsurge to an increase in prices of the refined petroleum products which increased by 23.57 per cent contributing to an increase in PPI of Industrial Sector by 4.46 per cent. This shows that the products prices of this sector contributed by 70.35 per cent in the total change of the general average of the PPI of the industrial product. Indeed, the outputs of this activity is important and vital input for most economic activities, and in return it is has a substantial impact over the costs of other activities but in percentages that depend on the significance of its petroleum products inputs. For example, the activity of basic metal products whose inputs are affected by the petroleum derivatives prices, stood at a rise matching the prices of petroleum products. The prices of basic metal products achieved a change by 22.49%, contributing to the total change by 1.43 per cent.


Furthermore, the prices of other manufacturing industries rose by 6.53 per cent, electrical equipment by 4.54 per cent, other nonmetallic products by 3.69 per cent, machinery and equipment not classified elsewhere by 3.04 per cent, chemicals and chemical products by 1.81 per cent, rubber and plastic products by 1.73 per cent, motor vehicles, trailers and semitrailers by 1.64 per cent, drinks by 1.63 per cent, furniture by 0.71 per cent, wood and cork products excluding furniture by 0.71 per cent, tobacco products by 0.65 per cent, printing and reproduction of recorded media by 0.54 per cent and metal products excluding machinery and equipment by 0.11 per cent.


On the other hand, certain industries recorded a decline in prices in 2018 compared to 2017, including food products which dropped by 4.49 per cent, repair and installation of machinery and equipment declined by 2.02 per cent, clothes by 1.74 per cent, computers, visual and electronic products by 0.88 per cent and paper and paper products by 0.68 per cent.


Noteworthy, prices of basic pharmaceuticals and their preparations, textiles remained stable at their earlier levels.