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Patriotic Ambience at Dubai Statistics Center

Image : Side of UAE raditional folk dances
Image : Side of UAE raditional folk dances

Dubai statistics Center celebrated the 44th National Day at DSC premises at Dubai Academic City, in the presence of Arif Al-Muhairi, the executive director and Tariq Al-Janahi the deputy executive director, in addition to a number of department heads and employees as well as a number of male and female students of Dubai Academic City who belong to different universities and institutes, who all took part in celebrating the event in an ambience of joyfulness and patriotism.

The event included a number of distinguished shows, among which was the folklore Harbeya dance, which is part of the beautiful Emirati heritage, with the participation and interaction of the guests who wore the Emirati national attire with the ribbon of the armed forces, as a sign of solidarity with and pride in the Emirati men who defend the country day and night.

The event also included a number of folklore dishes from the country's heritage. There was also distribution of gifts and flags to children for their interaction with the ambience of patriotism that evoked pride and glory.