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Partnership between »Dubai Statistics« And Arabic Language Protection Society

Al-Janahi & Al Bodour
Al-Janahi & Al Bodour

DSC signed at its headquarter in Dubai International Academic City (DIAC), Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Arabic Language Protection Society with the aim of development of strategic partnership relations; by which both parties seek to join their efforts together to achieve UAE Vision 2021 looking to the State will become a center of excellence concerning Arabic Language as well as enhancing national identity and supporting communication via Arabic Language resulting in exaltation of its position and honoring whoever plays an effective role to achieve this end.


Pursuant to articles of MOU, DSC, in collaboration with Arabic Language Protection Society, will ensure integrity and cohesion of Arabic language in all publications before publicity, develop joint programs including all its internal customers to encourage them on communication via Arabic Languages, to volunteer for achieving this purpose and their keenness on honoring positive contributions, moreover, run educational programs for non-Arabic speaking employees and also invite external customers of suppliers and partners to to provide their services and products in Arabic Language, besides enrich Arabic content on their web and support the Society's objectives by providing them with results of related statistics and researches.

MOU was assigned by Tariq Al Janahi, Deputy Executive Director in the presence of Adnan Darwish, Director of Resource & Corporate Communication Department and Majid Atiq, Director of Corporate Communication and Publishing, and from Arabic Language Protection Society; Bilal Al Bodour, Chairman of the Arabic Language Protection Society in the presence of Radwa Sa'ad Head of »arabiyin mubeen« initiative (initiative for a clear Arabic language)

Training Programs

"DSC seeks to invest in capabilities of Arabic Language Protection Society to raise their employees' level of knowledge on Arabic Language through organizing training programs and is keen on conducting all internal and external transactions in sound Arabic language as well as educating its internal and external customers with the necessity of using sound Arabic language in their written transactions." Al Janahi said.

"DSC, as it is responsible entity in the society, will provide support to Arabic Language Protection Society to contribute at success of their noble goals." He added.

He went on to say that the existence of Arabic Language Protection Society is considered positive step and calling all governmental authorities and private sector to support the Society in enhancing its role.

Al Bodour, for his part, expressed his pleasure in the support provided by official entities aware its responsibility toward Arabic Language, realize the correlation between Arabic language and our national identity, in particular, our wise leadership do not spare no effort to foster awareness of both of them, preserve our culture and record our deliverables achieving their targets together and meeting expectations of strategic government as well.