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AL Janahi: Creativity Reflects Positively on Customers

Image: Tariq Al Janahi, Deputy Executive Director & Chief Happiness and Positivity Officer

​Image: Tariq Al Janahi, Deputy Executive Director & Chief Happiness and Positivity Officer

Nominated by "DSC" to Be One of the "Happiness Champions" in Dubai

Dubai Statistics Center (DSC) has nominated Mr. Tariq Yousef Al Janahi to be DSC's representative in the implementation of Dubai Happiness Agenda managed by the Smart Dubai Office. Al Janahi will be part of the 43 champions in Dubai following passing the Chief Executives Officers of Happiness and Positivity Program- First Batch organized by the National Programme for Happiness and Positivity.


In a press statement to the Emirates Al Youm Newspaper, Al Janahi said, "Creativity is the most important theme for achieving happiness. The ability to urge employees to unleash their creativity and innovation powers within the work environment will absolutely upturn their sense of the value of their work and intellectual effort rather than their physical activity. All in all, this will create a harmonized, creative and happy work environment and will positively reflect on customers."


Al Janahi who assumes the position of CEO of Happiness and Positivity and DSC Deputy Executive Director believes that it is easy to have a balance between the roles and responsibilities of the Happiness Champion and those of his regular job by making happiness creation part of his daily work and managing these tasks to meet happiness' requirements and not to consider that as an additional burden.


"The Happiness Agenda and its implementation mechanisms are a new phase that has been reflected in government strategies, systems and institutional processes. Of course, this is reflected mainly in the leadership of government institutions and all employees of different categories. Here my role as a Happiness Champion becomes evident as the main driver of this change in institutional way of thinking. " added he.


He went on to say, "Working with Happiness Champions and CEOs of Happiness and Positivity, sharing experiences with them and learning more about this science has greatly influenced my way of thinking and my social life. Indeed, happiness creation becomes the first motive for all what I am thinking about or do."


Responding to a question on the way to communicate and implement the concept of happiness to both DSC's staff and customers, Al-Janahi explained that this is done with the help of a team of 24 employees who organize several awareness and training programs to spread the culture of happiness and the concepts of its agenda, as well as through the National Programme for Happiness and Positivity by holding workshops, delivering lectures, spreading awareness messages, holding competitions or participating in brainstorming workshops and creativity laboratories. Additionally, happiness concept can be introduced to DSC's staff by providing the library with the specialized books and scientific publications on happiness and positivity and other educational channels."


Al Janahi pointed out that for the purpose of achieving the concept of happiness for DSC's staff and customers, DSC has already implemented and launched a number of initiatives and projects, most importantly is the Smart Statistics System which is one of the most sophisticated statistical systems in the world. This system has made a paradigm shift to the data sources, users and DSC's experts, abridged numerous stages of data collection and analysis, and provided more comprehensive information of high quality that is accessible at anytime and anywhere. Furthermore, DSC has launched its Smart Application which provides smart and quality statistical services for different segments of society.