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Manufacturing sector Producer Price Index, 2014

Image : DSC logo

Image : DSC logo

A report issued by Dubai Statistics Center (DSC) demonstrated that manufacturing sector producer price index stood at 106.51 recording an increase by 0.32% during 2014 compared to 2013.

This growth is due to an increase in prices of basic metal products as the price index of this group stood at 100.16 recording an increase by 6.18% compared to the last year; the price index of motor vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers' group stood at 127.60,an increase by 2.23% compared to 2013; the price index of computers and electronic and optical products' group shot up to 100.83, an increase by 1.99% compared to 2013; the price index of printing and reproduction of recorded media' group hit up to 105.54, recording an increase by 1.52% compared to the last year. In tracking of the series of changes, the index of the group of tobacco products has also increased to reach 101.65, registering an increase of 0.71%. At the level of food products industry, the index of this group has reached 109.61, achieving an increase of 0.68% compared to what it has achieved last year. The index of electrical equipment industry has increased to 106.92 by 0.47% compared to its level during 2013. As for the industries resulting from the repair and installation of machinery and equipment, they recorded 100.88 and they increased by 0.38% compared to last year. The record of furniture industry was 109.33, registering an increase of 0.34% compared to the previous year. In monitoring the prices of the products within the wearing apparel industry, it was observed the increase of the number which reached 105.36 with an increase of 0.12% compared to its status in 2013. The industry of machinery and equipment n.e.c. in another position have also achieved an increase in the index to reach 100.10 by a slight increase compared to its level in the previous year as the percentage of the increase was 0.01%.


In spite of the increase of the prices of industrial production, some industries' prices have decreased during 2014 when compared to 2013, as the decrease of the prices of products resulting from other manufacturing industries has resulted in a decrease in the index and it reached 74.25 decreasing by 19.74% compared to its level in the previous year. The index of textile industry has decreased to reach 95.20, registering a decrease of 8.15%. In monitoring the prices of goods resulting from the industry of refined petroleum products, it was evident the decrease of the index to reach 122.02, registering a decrease of 2.96%. The index of the industry of the goods resulting from leather industry and relevant products has also decreased to 103.36, registering a decrease of 1.65%. The index of chemicals and chemical products industry has decreased to 118.22, registering a decrease of 1.31%. The index of beverage industry has also decreased to 112.74 by 0.6% compared to its level in the previous year. The same is for the index of the industry of the products of rubber and plastics, as the index decrease to reach 114.90 by a decrease of 0.53%. The index of the industry of shaped metal products except machinery and equipment has decrease to reach 102.77, registering a decrease of 0.39% compared to its level in the previous year. In the same manner, the index of paper and paper products industry has reached 107.71 and the percentage of decrease was 0.19% compared to 2013.


It was also observed the stability of the prices of goods resulting from the industry of products of other nonmetallic metals, the industry of wood and wood products except furniture, the industry of basic pharmaceutical products and their preparations and the industry of other transport equipment. Table (2) clarifies manufacturing sector producer price index and change percentages 2014.