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Launching the 2nd Cycle of ICT Survey for the Business Sector

Image: DSC logo

Image: DSC logo


Dubai Statistics Center (DSC) initiated the fieldwork of 2nd Cycle of the ICT Survey for the Business Sector on Thursday 19th August 2017. This survey is scheduled to be conducted as part of Dubai's Statistical Plan and in partnership with the telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA).

The survey aims at identifying the frequency of using ICT services by business sector in UAE in general and Dubai in particular to better understand the patterns of using ICT services by such a sector and the level of demand for such services. This survey complements the ICT survey dedicated for the household sector conducted by DSC last year.


This survey is one of the most important initiatives and strategic projects of ICT statistics in Dubai. The study aims at identifying the extent of using telecommunications and information technology within Dubai's business sector, barriers and constraints hindering its usage, expenditures on ICT and opinions, trends and levels of satisfaction of institutions, establishments and the business sector on the quality of services provided by ICT various operators.

The survey data are of great importance for their crucial role in the decision-making processes, shaping institutional policies, and drafting strategic visions and plans that would improve the quality of business activities.

In this survey, DSC adopts personal interviews method with the owners of the companies targeted by the survey and operating in various economic sectors. The target sample of the survey includes establishments operating in the fields of manufacturing, construction and building, wholesale and retail trade, transportation and storage, food services, financial intermediation, insurance, real estates, education, health, social work activities and other activities to ensure the comprehensiveness of the target sample and that it includes all economic activities in Dubai.

Field Visits

Currently, the field teams are visiting the target establishments listed in the sample during the morning period, 8 a.m. to 2 p.m., until the end of September. In this context, DSC utilizes the best geographical techniques in following up the work of DSC's field teams deployed in Dubai along with the state-of-art software used in the process of collecting and sending the data straightaway to the central databases and the flow of data to these databases to verify them immediately.

DSC urges all companies surveyed to fully cooperate with DSC' field surveyors and facilitate their mission by providing them with the required data accurately and  comprehensively for the law guarantees the data confidentiality. Furthermore, DSC takes all necessary measures to ensure the data confidentiality and preservation. The data collected will be used only for the purposes of statistical work and to achieve the objectives of the survey.