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Launching 2nd Phase of Smart Statistical Plan

Image: Arif Al Muhairi, the Executive Director of Dubai Statistics Center
Image: Arif Al Muhairi, the Executive Director of Dubai Statistics Center

Based on the concept of integrating the statistical data and information systems, Dubai Statistics Center (DSC) has launched the second phase of the Smart Statistical Map Initiative (SSMI). It aims to display the statistical data on the Dubai Map as per its various demographic, social and economic sectors.

Arif Al Muhairi, the Executive Director of Dubai Statistics Center (DSC), said: “The development of this phase is an extension of the first phase of the initiative, which was dedicated to the management of the field work. The previous phase contributed to boosting the efficiency and effectiveness of the field work related to the statistical projects.” He pointed out that DSC has achieved a quantum leap in terms of improving and providing statistical information support through the geographical statistical system, in addition to supporting the processes of decision-making and planning for the new projects in Dubai by launching this phase.



Al Muhairi added: “By launching SSMI we aim to support the researchers, planners and decision-makers by providing a state-of-the-art tool for spatial and statistical analysis. It helps making the required information accessible efficiently with high quality, in addition to providing updated, accurate statistical data in various statistical areas.”

“Among the subjects covered by the Smart Statistical Map is the concentration of population as per the planning areas in Dubai by sex. The researcher can select any area in the map which will display all the available data on the population in a thrilling and well-organized fashion. Other subjects include the distribution of buildings and residential units at the level of planning areas, as well as the data of schools and universities by number of students and gender and their distribution as per the planning area of Dubai. in the Emirate. Additionally, the map displays the necessary information on the Dubai Metro and Dubai Tram as the it shows the number of the passengers using the metro and tram by each station of both red and green routes,” he said.


Development Plan

Shedding the light on the details of SSMI development plan, Al Muhairi stated that according to the comprehensive and continuous development plan of the system DSC will upload in the coming period all the data and information covering all economic, social and demographic sectors. The data will enable the user to take advantage of data from different sources displayed in one smart plan.

He pointed out that DSC is so keen to provide the best professional services for its customers by making all the statistical data and information of Dubai accessible and available for them. “We believe that such vital statistical data and information are a key pillar in the processes of planning and decision-making adopted by the government leaders and the business community. They are also essential in supporting the academic and scientific research activities, as well as meeting the requirements of all society segments relying on the Dubai-related statistical data.”


He went on to say that DSC is keen to lead the statistical work channeled to support sustainable development, create happiness and shape the future of the Emirate of Dubai by taking advantage of an innovative statistical system enjoys the highest levels of reliability and transparency, and featured by adopting the up-to-date technologies, practices and standards.

On the sources of data collected by DSC, he said: “DSC operates according to cutting-edge international statistical standards and methodologies dedicated for the collection, analysis and dissemination of statistical data and information from different sources of statistical data, or through DSC’s field surveys focusing on various economic, demographic and demographic sectors carried out on a regular basis.”

Al Muhairi concluded his statement by putting an accent on the fact that DSC is keen to make the statistical outcomes accessible smartly and fashionably via the "Smart Statistics System" developed in-house.