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Slight Increase in the Prices of Bread, Meats and Cheese and a Drop in the Prices of Fish, Vegetables and Fruits during the First Week

​Image : Food commodities
​Image : Food commodities

DSC Release its Report on the Weekly Inflation Rates for Food Items During the Holy Month of Ramadan

 Continuous Monitoring of the Prices of 700 Food Commodities and 1500 Tariffs

Weekly Report on Inflation Rates for Food Items During the Holy Month of Ramadan

Inflation Drops for Food Items During the First Week of Ramadan Compared to the Last Week of Shabaan

The weekly report published by Dubai Statistics Center (DSC) which monitors the prices of food commodities during the Holy Month of Ramadan in Dubai markets revealed an increase of 0.31% in the prices of bread, cereals and their products during the first week of Ramadan compared to the last week of the month of Shabaan as a result of the increase in the prices of some types of rice, flour and backed chips.

Director of Prices Statistics and DSC Faeka Al Qasem said DCS monitors the prices of nearly 700 food items and 1500 tariffs on daily and weekly basis and will continue to publish an inflation report on the prices of food prices on weekly basis in addition to the comprehensive monthly inflation reports that cover all commodity groups.

She added that the report revealed a slight increase of 0.09% in the prices of meats during the first week of Ramadan, driven by an increase in the prices of fresh lamb and goat meat. The prices of milk, cheese and eggs and the oils and fats groups also moved in the same direction, increasing slightly by 0.05% and this was due to the increase in certain types of concentrated milk, lebnah and cream. Also the increase in the price of olive oil affected the prices in the oils and fats group.

Al Qasem said the prices of beverages also increased by 0.05% in Dubai markets during the first week of Ramadan affected by the increase in the prices of mineral water and juices. Despite the increase in the above groups, the prices of fish and seafood dropped by 2.38% and also the prices of fruits dropped by 1.89% while the prices of vegetables also dropped by 1.6%.

As for other food items not classified under another category, such as the prices of food flavoring and pickles and the like, the prices dropped by 1.04% and the prices dropped slightly by 1% for the sugar, jam, chocolates and confectionaries group