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Inflation Levels Stand at Rise by 1.95% Q3 2018 comapred to Q3 2017

​Image: DSC logo

​Image: DSC logo

According to the report recently issued by Dubai Statistics Center (DSC), the Annual Consumer Price Index (CPI) Rate hit a rise level by 1.95% bt the end of third quarter of 2018 compared to the same period in 2017. CPI increases due to a rise in prices of transportation group by 11.01% leading inflation to increase by 1.12 point, Food and Beverages group by 4.26% pushing inflation upwards by 0.52 point, Hotels and Restuarnts by 11.34% adding 0.44 point to inflation rate, Education group by 3.22% leading inflation rate to rise by 0.29 point, Communication group by 5.50% affecting the inflation rate to increase by 0.26 point, Tobacco group by 75.37%  resulted in an increase in inflation rate by 0.24 point, Furnishings, Household Equipment and Routine Household Maintenance group by 2.88% leading inflation rate to increase by 0.11 point, Clothing and Footwear group by 1.86% adding to inflation rate by 0.04 point, Miscellaneous Goods and Services group by 0.37% pushing inflation rate up to 0.02 point and Health group by 0.35%.

In the meantime, CPI of Housing, Water, Electricity, Gas and other Fuel declined by 2.30% leading the inflation rate to go down by 1.03 point. The same applies to Recreation and Culture group by which decreased by 3.09% resulted in reducing the inflation rate by 0.06 point.